Name Role Email Subject
Zoe Adams Ordinary Fellow, Admissions Tutor zla20@cam.ac.uk Law
Ronojoy Adhikari Ordinary Fellow ra413@cam.ac.uk Applied Mathematics
Tess Adkins Life Fellow tsa11@cam.ac.uk Geography
Sebastian Ahnert Ordinary Fellow sea31@cam.ac.uk Natural Sciences
Anna Alexandrova Professorial Fellow aa686@cam.ac.uk History & Philosophy of Science
John Arnold Professorial Fellow jha33@cam.ac.uk History
Nick Atkins Ordinary Fellow nra27@cam.ac.uk Engineering
Seda Basihos Research Fellow sb2626@cam.ac.uk Economics
Seda Basihos Research Fellow sb2626@cam.ac.uk Economics
Michael Bate Life Fellow cmb16@cam.ac.uk Developmental Biology
Francesco Bianchini Research Fellow fb584@cam.ac.uk Asian Studies, History
Marcus Boeick Official Fellow mb2640@cam.ac.uk History
Giulia Boitani Ordinary Fellow, Side Tutor gb523@cam.ac.uk French
Peter de Bolla Professorial Fellow, Wine Steward pld20@cam.ac.uk English
Shannon Bonke Research Fellow sb2519@cam.ac.uk Chemistry
Richard Bourke Professorial Fellow rb875@cam.ac.uk History and Politics
Mirjana Bozic Ordinary Fellow mb383@cam.ac.uk Psychology
Angela Breitenbach Professorial Fellow ab335@cam.ac.uk Philosophy
Jude Browne Professorial Fellow jmb63@cam.ac.uk Social Sciences
Nick Bullock Life Fellow noab100@cam.ac.uk Architecture
Katie Campbell Research Fellow kc328@cam.ac.uk Archaeology
Matei Candea Professorial Fellow mc288@cam.ac.uk Social Anthropology
Keith Carne Life Fellow tkc10@cam.ac.uk
Richard Causton Professorial Fellow rjc94@cam.ac.uk Music
Stephen Cherry Ordinary Fellow dean@kings.cam.ac.uk Theology
Alexandra Clarà Saracho Research Fellow ac989@cam.ac.uk Engineering
Ivan Collister Ordinary Fellow, First Bursar nikc3@cam.ac.uk History
Francesco Colucci Professorial Fellow, Graduate Admissions Tutor fc287@medschl.cam.ac.uk Life Sciences
Sarah Crisp Ordinary Fellow sjc85@cam.ac.uk Medicine
Laura Davies Ordinary Fellow, Graduate Tutor lid20@cam.ac.uk English
Anne Davis Life Fellow a.c.davis@damtp.cam.ac.uk Applied Mathematics
James Dolan Research Fellow, Financial Tutor jad67@cam.ac.uk Science Communication
John Dunn Life Fellow jmd24@cam.ac.uk Politics
George Efstathiou Life Fellow gpe@ast.cam.ac.uk Astronomy
Brad Epps Professorial Fellow be243@cam.ac.uk Modern Languages
Aytek Erdil Professorial Fellow nae25@cam.ac.uk Economics
Sebastian Eves-van den Akker Ordinary Fellow se389@cam.ac.uk Natural Sciences (Biological)
Elisa Faraglia Ordinary Fellow ef307@cam.ac.uk Economics
James Fawcett Life Fellow jf108@cam.ac.uk Physiology
Iain Fenlon Life Fellow iaf1000@cam.ac.uk Music
Timothy Flack Ordinary Fellow tjf1000@cam.ac.uk Electrical Engineering
Freddy Foks Research Fellow wfpf2@cam.ac.uk History
Robert Foley Life Fellow raf10@cam.ac.uk Biological Anthropology
Matthew Gandy Professorial Fellow mg107@cam.ac.uk Geography
Chryssi Giannitsarou Professorial Fellow cg349@cam.ac.uk Economics
Anthony Giddens Life Fellow Sociology
Ingo Gildenhard Professorial Fellow ig297@cam.ac.uk Classics
Christopher Gilligan Life Fellow cag1@cam.ac.uk Mathematical Biology
Simon Goldhill Professorial Fellow sdg1001@cam.ac.uk Classics
David Good Life Fellow dg25@cam.ac.uk Social Psychology
Caroline Goodson Professorial Fellow cjg70@cam.ac.uk History
Tim Griffin Director of Research timothy.griffin@cl.cam.ac.uk Computer Science
Gillian Griffiths Professorial Fellow gg305@cam.ac.uk Natural Sciences (Biological)
Mark Gross Professorial fellow mg475@dpmms.cam.ac.uk Pure Mathematics
Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan Professorial Fellow hmg35@cam.ac.uk Law
Cesare Hall Professorial Fellow cah1003@eng.cam.ac.uk Engineering
Ross Harrison Life Fellow trh3@cam.ac.uk Philosophy
Tiffany Harte Official Fellow th558@cam.ac.uk Natural Sciences
Apinan Hasthanasombat Ordinary Fellow ah953@cam.ac.uk Computer Science
Katie Haworth Research fellow kdh32@cam.ac.uk Archaeology
Lorraine Headen Ordinary Fellow, Director of Development lorraine.headen@kings.cam.ac.uk Development
John Henderson Life Fellow jgh1000@cam.ac.uk Classics
Felipe Hernández Ordinary Fellow fh285@cam.ac.uk Architecture
Kate Herrity Research Fellow, Graduate tutor kzh20@cam.ac.uk Criminology
Myfanwy Hill Ordinary Fellow, Senior Tutor senior.tutor@kings.cam.ac.uk Medical and Natural Sciences
David Hillman Ordinary Fellow dah54@cam.ac.uk English
Stephen Hugh-Jones Life Fellow sh116@cam.ac.uk Social Anthropology
Caroline Humphrey Life Fellow, Graduate Tutor ch10001@cam.ac.uk Asian Anthropology
Herbert Huppert Life Fellow heh1@esc.cam.ac.uk Theoretical Geophysics
Said Reza Huseini Research Fellow sh2170@cam.ac.uk History
Alice Hutchings Ordinary Fellow alice.hutchings@cl.cam.ac.uk Computer Sciences
Daniel Hyde Director of Music choir@kings.cam.ac.uk Music
Martin Hyland Life Fellow m.hyland@dpmms.cam.ac.uk Pure Mathematics
Polly Ingham Official Fellow, Domus Bursar domus.bursar@kings.ca.ac.uk Domus Bursar
Ian James Professorial irj20@cam.ac.uk French Philosophy
Malarvizhi Jayanth Research Fellow mj596@cam.ac.uk History
Mark Johnson Professorial Fellow mj492@cam.ac.uk Psychological & Behavioural Sciences
Peter Jones Life Fellow pmj10@cam.ac.uk History
Mary Kells Chaplain chaplain@kings.cam.ac.uk Chaplain
Aileen Kelly Life Fellow amk1000@cam.ac.uk Russian
Barry Keverne Life Fellow ebk10@cam.ac.uk Behavioural Neuroscience
Philip Knox Ordinary Fellow pk453@cam.ac.uk English
Patrycja Kozik Research Fellow pkozik@mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk Natural Science - Molecular Biology
Joanna Kusiak Research Fellow jk726@cam.ac.uk Urban Studies
James Laidlaw Professorial Fellow jal6@cam.ac.uk Social Anthropology
Richard Lambert Life Fellow rml1@cam.ac.uk Chemistry
Zhuangnan Li Research Fellow zl450@cam.ac.uk Chemistry
Charlie Loke Life Fellow ywl10@cam.ac.uk Reproductive Immunology
Sarah Lummis Professorial Fellow sl120@mole.bio.cam.ac.uk Biochemistry
Alan Macfarlane Life Fellow am12@cam.ac.uk Anthropological Science
Cicely Marshall Research Fellow cm997@cam.ac.uk Plant Sciences
Nicholas Marston Professorial Fellow, and Praelector njm45@cam.ac.uk Music
Jean Michel Massing Life Fellow jmm1001@cam.ac.uk History of Art
Judith Mayhew Jonas Life Fellow
Dan McKenzie Life Fellow mckenzie@esc.cam.ac.uk Earth Sciences
Cam Middleton Professorial Fellow crm11@cam.ac.uk Engineering
Jonah Miller Research Fellow, Side Tutor jm2106@cam.ac.uk History
Fraz Mir Ordinary Fellow fam31@cam.ac.uk Medical Sciences
Perveez Mody Ordinary Fellow pm10012@cam.ac.uk Social Anthropology
Ashley Moffett Director of Research am485@cam.ac.uk Medical Sciences
Geoff Moggridge Professorial Fellow gdm14@cam.ac.uk Chemical Engineering
Kamiar Mohaddes Ordinary Fellow, Tutor for Judge Business School Students and BME Tutor for Graduates km418@cam.ac.uk Economics and Management
Gabriela Montejo-Kovacevich Research Fellow mgm49@cam.ac.uk Zoology
Ken Moody Life Fellow ken.moody@cl.cam.ac.uk Computer Sciences
Basim Musallam Life Fellow bfm1000@cam.ac.uk Islamic Studies
Rory O'Bryen Ordinary Fellow rro20@cam.ac.uk Latin American Cultural Studies
Rosanna Omitowoju Ordinary Fellow, Welfare Tutor rso20@cam.ac.uk Classics
Robin Osborne Professorial Fellow, Vice-Provost ro225@cam.ac.uk Ancient History
John Perry Professorial Fellow jrbp2@cam.ac.uk Medical Sciences
Christopher Prendergast Life Fellow cap1000@cam.ac.uk French
Michael Proctor Life Fellow mrep@cam.ac.uk Applied Mathematics
Surabhi Ranganathan Professorial Fellow sr496@cam.ac.uk Law
Ben Ravenhill Ordinary Fellow bjr32@cam.ac.uk Medical Sciences
Thomas Roulet Official Fellow tr440@cam.ac.uk
Robert Rowthorn Life Fellow rer3@econ.cam.ac.uk Economics
Paul Ryan Life Fellow paul.ryan@kings.cam.ac.uk Economics
Hamid Sabourian Professorial Fellow hs102@cam.ac.uk Economics
Andjela Sarkovic Official Fellow, College Teaching Officer as2572@cam.ac.uk Mathematics
Jason Sharman Professorial Fellow jcs207@cam.ac.uk Politics
Mira Siegelberg Ordinary Fellow ms979@cam.ac.uk History & Politics
Michael Sonenscher Life Fellow ms138@cam.ac.uk History
Sharath Srinivasan Ordinary Fellow, BME Tutor for Undergraduates ss919@cam.ac.uk Politics
Gareth Stedman Jones Life Fellow gsj@kings.cam.ac.uk History
James Taylor Ordinary Fellow jvt24@cam.ac.uk Engineering
Nicholas Tosca Fellow njt41@cam.ac.uk
James Trevithick Life Fellow jat1000@cam.ac.uk Economics
Marco Tripodi Research Fellow mtripodi@mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Caroline van Eck Professorial Fellow cav35@cam.ac.uk Art History
Bert Vaux Professorial Fellow bv230@cam.ac.uk Linguistics
Jamie Vicary Professorial Fellow jv258@cam.ac.uk Computer Sciences
Rob Wallach Life Fellow rob.wallach@kings.cam.ac.uk Material Sciences
Darin Weinberg Professorial Fellow dtw23@cam.ac.uk Sociology
Godela Weiss-Sussex Professorial Fellow gw266@cam.ac.uk German
Tom White Life Fellow tow1@cam.ac.uk Physics
John Young Life Fellow jby1@cam.ac.uk Applied Thermodynamics
Nicolette Zeeman Professorial Fellow, Keeper of the College Collections nz202@cam.ac.uk English
Here you can find a list of all of the College Officers along with their areas of responsibility - whether educational, financial, spiritual etc.
The Research Committee sets the research policy for the College and is responsible for running the Junior Research Fellowship competitions.

Research News


Cambridge researchers find a new way to measure dark energy

King’s Fellow Anne Davis and colleagues have found a new way to detect and measure dark energy by studying Andromeda, the nearest major galaxy to our own Milky Way.


King’s Fellow wins John Brinckerhoff Jackson Prize

King’s Fellow Matthew Gandy is this year’s winner of the John Brinckerhoff Jackson Prize, awarded by the Foundation for Landscape Studies and UVA School of Architecture.

King's Fellow wins Nine Dots Prize

Research Fellow Joanna Kusiak has been awarded the biennial prize for original thinking in response to contemporary societal issues.