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Name Role Email Subject
Zoe Adams Ordinary Fellow, Admissions Tutor zla20@cam.ac.uk Law
Ronojoy Adhikari Ordinary Fellow ra413@cam.ac.uk Applied Mathematics
Tess Adkins Life Fellow tsa11@cam.ac.uk Geography
Sebastian Ahnert Ordinary Fellow sea31@cam.ac.uk Natural Sciences
Anna Alexandrova Professorial Fellow aa686@cam.ac.uk History & Philosophy of Science
John Arnold Professorial Fellow jha33@cam.ac.uk History
Nick Atkins Ordinary Fellow nra27@cam.ac.uk Engineering
Gareth Austin Official Fellow gma31@cam.ac.uk History
Seda Basihos Research Fellow sb2626@cam.ac.uk Economics
Michael Bate Life Fellow cmb16@cam.ac.uk Developmental Biology
Francesco Bianchini Research Fellow fb584@cam.ac.uk Asian Studies, History
Marcus Boeick Official Fellow mb2640@cam.ac.uk Modern German and European History
Giulia Boitani Ordinary Fellow, Side Tutor gb523@cam.ac.uk French, Italian, Occitan
Peter de Bolla Professorial Fellow, Wine Steward pld20@cam.ac.uk English
Shannon Bonke Research Fellow sb2519@cam.ac.uk Chemistry
Richard Bourke Professorial Fellow rb875@cam.ac.uk History and Politics
Mirjana Bozic Ordinary Fellow mb383@cam.ac.uk Psychology
Angela Breitenbach Professorial Fellow ab335@cam.ac.uk Philosophy
Jude Browne Professorial Fellow jmb63@cam.ac.uk Social Sciences
Nick Bullock Life Fellow noab100@cam.ac.uk Architecture
Katie Campbell Research Fellow kc328@cam.ac.uk Archaeology
Matei Candea Professorial Fellow mc288@cam.ac.uk Social Anthropology
Keith Carne Life Fellow tkc10@cam.ac.uk Pure Mathematics
Richard Causton Professorial Fellow rjc94@cam.ac.uk Music
Stephen Cherry Ordinary Fellow dean@kings.cam.ac.uk Theology
Alexandra Clarà Saracho Research Fellow ac989@cam.ac.uk Engineering
Ivan Collister Ordinary Fellow, First Bursar nikc3@cam.ac.uk History
Francesco Colucci Professorial Fellow, Graduate Admissions Tutor fc287@medschl.cam.ac.uk Life Sciences
Sarah Crisp Ordinary Fellow sjc85@cam.ac.uk Medicine
Laura Davies Ordinary Fellow, Graduate Tutor lid20@cam.ac.uk English
Anne Davis Life Fellow a.c.davis@damtp.cam.ac.uk Applied Mathematics
James Dolan Official Fellow, Financial Tutor, Side Tutor jad67@cam.ac.uk Natural Sciences (Physical)
John Dunn Life Fellow jmd24@cam.ac.uk Politics
George Efstathiou Life Fellow gpe@ast.cam.ac.uk Astronomy
Aytek Erdil Professorial Fellow nae25@cam.ac.uk Economics
Sebastian Eves-van den Akker Ordinary Fellow se389@cam.ac.uk Natural Sciences (Biological)
Elisa Faraglia Ordinary Fellow ef307@cam.ac.uk Economics
James Fawcett Life Fellow jf108@cam.ac.uk Physiology
Iain Fenlon Life Fellow iaf1000@cam.ac.uk Music
Timothy Flack Ordinary Fellow tjf1000@cam.ac.uk Electrical Engineering
Robert Foley Life Fellow raf10@cam.ac.uk Biological Anthropology
Carlos Frenk Honorary Fellow
Matthew Gandy Professorial Fellow mg107@cam.ac.uk Geography
Chryssi Giannitsarou Professorial Fellow cg349@cam.ac.uk Economics
Anthony Giddens Life Fellow Sociology
Ingo Gildenhard Professorial Fellow ig297@cam.ac.uk Classics
Christopher Gilligan Life Fellow cag1@cam.ac.uk Mathematical Biology
Simon Goldhill Professorial Fellow sdg1001@cam.ac.uk Classics
David Good Life Fellow dg25@cam.ac.uk Social Psychology
Caroline Goodson Professorial Fellow cjg70@cam.ac.uk History
Tim Griffin Director of Research timothy.griffin@cl.cam.ac.uk Computer Science
Gillian Griffiths Professorial Fellow gg305@cam.ac.uk Natural Sciences (Biological)
Mark Gross Professorial fellow mg475@dpmms.cam.ac.uk Pure Mathematics
Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan Professorial Fellow hmg35@cam.ac.uk Law
Cesare Hall Professorial Fellow cah1003@eng.cam.ac.uk Engineering
Ross Harrison Life Fellow trh3@cam.ac.uk Philosophy
Tiffany Harte Official Fellow th558@cam.ac.uk Natural Sciences
Apinan Hasthanasombat Ordinary Fellow ah953@cam.ac.uk Computer Science
Katie Haworth Research fellow kdh32@cam.ac.uk Archaeology
Lorraine Headen Ordinary Fellow, Director of Development lorraine.headen@kings.cam.ac.uk Development
John Henderson Life Fellow jgh1000@cam.ac.uk Classics
Felipe Hernández Ordinary Fellow fh285@cam.ac.uk Architecture
Kate Herrity Research Fellow, Graduate tutor kzh20@cam.ac.uk Criminology
Myfanwy Hill Ordinary Fellow, Senior Tutor senior.tutor@kings.cam.ac.uk Medical and Natural Sciences
David Hillman Ordinary Fellow dah54@cam.ac.uk English
Stephen Hugh-Jones Life Fellow sh116@cam.ac.uk Social Anthropology
Caroline Humphrey Life Fellow, Graduate Tutor ch10001@cam.ac.uk Asian Anthropology
Herbert Huppert Life Fellow heh1@esc.cam.ac.uk Theoretical Geophysics
Said Reza Huseini Research Fellow sh2170@cam.ac.uk History
Alice Hutchings Ordinary Fellow alice.hutchings@cl.cam.ac.uk Computer Sciences
Daniel Hyde Director of Music choir@kings.cam.ac.uk Music
Martin Hyland Life Fellow m.hyland@dpmms.cam.ac.uk Pure Mathematics
Polly Ingham Official Fellow, Domus Bursar domus.bursar@kings.cam.ac.uk Domus Bursar
Ian James Professorial Fellow irj20@cam.ac.uk French Philosophy
Malarvizhi Jayanth Research Fellow mj596@cam.ac.uk History
Mark Johnson Professorial Fellow mj492@cam.ac.uk Psychological & Behavioural Sciences
Peter Jones Life Fellow pmj10@cam.ac.uk History
Mary Kells Chaplain chaplain@kings.cam.ac.uk Chaplain
Aileen Kelly Life Fellow amk1000@cam.ac.uk Russian
Barry Keverne Life Fellow ebk10@cam.ac.uk Behavioural Neuroscience
Philip Knox Ordinary Fellow pk453@cam.ac.uk English
Patrycja Kozik Research Fellow pkozik@mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk Natural Science - Molecular Biology
Joanna Kusiak Research Fellow jk726@cam.ac.uk Urban Studies
James Laidlaw Professorial Fellow jal6@cam.ac.uk Social Anthropology
Richard Lambert Life Fellow rml1@cam.ac.uk Chemistry
Zhuangnan Li Research Fellow zl450@cam.ac.uk Chemistry
Charlie Loke Life Fellow ywl10@cam.ac.uk Reproductive Immunology
Sarah Lummis Professorial Fellow sl120@mole.bio.cam.ac.uk Biochemistry
Alan Macfarlane Life Fellow am12@cam.ac.uk Anthropological Science
Cicely Marshall Research Fellow cm997@cam.ac.uk Plant Sciences
Nicholas Marston Professorial Fellow, and Praelector njm45@cam.ac.uk Music
Jean Michel Massing Life Fellow jmm1001@cam.ac.uk History of Art
Judith Mayhew Jonas Life Fellow Law
Dan McKenzie Life Fellow mckenzie@esc.cam.ac.uk Earth Sciences
Cam Middleton Professorial Fellow crm11@cam.ac.uk Engineering
Jonah Miller Research Fellow, Side Tutor jm2106@cam.ac.uk History
Fraz Mir Ordinary Fellow fam31@cam.ac.uk Medical Sciences
Perveez Mody Ordinary Fellow pm10012@cam.ac.uk Social Anthropology
Ashley Moffett Director of Research am485@cam.ac.uk Medical Sciences
Geoff Moggridge Professorial Fellow gdm14@cam.ac.uk Chemical Engineering
Kamiar Mohaddes Ordinary Fellow, Tutor for Judge Business School Students and BME Tutor for Graduates km418@cam.ac.uk Economics and Management
Gabriela Montejo-Kovacevich Research Fellow mgm49@cam.ac.uk Zoology
Ken Moody Life Fellow km10@cl.cam.ac.uk Computer Sciences
Basim Musallam Life Fellow bfm1000@cam.ac.uk Islamic Studies
Rory O'Bryen Ordinary Fellow rro20@cam.ac.uk Latin American Cultural Studies
Rosanna Omitowoju Ordinary Fellow, Welfare Tutor rso20@cam.ac.uk Classics
Robin Osborne Professorial Fellow, Vice-Provost ro225@cam.ac.uk Ancient History
John Perry Professorial Fellow jrbp2@cam.ac.uk Medical Sciences
Sophie Pickford Official Fellow seop3@cam.ac.uk Art History
Christopher Prendergast Life Fellow cap1000@cam.ac.uk French
Michael Proctor Life Fellow mrep@cam.ac.uk Applied Mathematics
Surabhi Ranganathan Professorial Fellow sr496@cam.ac.uk Law
Ben Ravenhill Ordinary Fellow bjr32@cam.ac.uk Medical Sciences
Thomas Roulet Official Fellow, Lay Dean tr440@cam.ac.uk Social Science
Robert Rowthorn Life Fellow rer3@econ.cam.ac.uk Economics
Angus Russell Research Fellow ajmr5@cam.ac.uk History
Paul Ryan Life Fellow paul.ryan@kings.cam.ac.uk Economics
Hamid Sabourian Professorial Fellow hs102@cam.ac.uk Economics
Andjela Sarkovic Official Fellow, College Teaching Officer as2572@cam.ac.uk Mathematics
Jason Sharman Professorial Fellow jcs207@cam.ac.uk Politics
Mira Siegelberg Ordinary Fellow ms979@cam.ac.uk History & Politics
Michael Sonenscher Life Fellow ms138@cam.ac.uk History
Sharath Srinivasan Ordinary Fellow, BME Tutor for Undergraduates ss919@cam.ac.uk Politics
Gareth Stedman Jones Life Fellow gsj@kings.cam.ac.uk History
James Taylor Ordinary Fellow jvt24@cam.ac.uk Engineering
Nicholas Tosca Official Fellow njt41@cam.ac.uk Earth Sciences
James Trevithick Life Fellow jat1000@cam.ac.uk Economics
Marco Tripodi Research Fellow mtripodi@mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk Biological and Medical Sciences
Sophie Turenne Official Fellow st325@cam.ac.uk Law
Caroline van Eck Professorial Fellow cav35@cam.ac.uk Art History
Bert Vaux Professorial Fellow bv230@cam.ac.uk Linguistics
Jamie Vicary Professorial Fellow jv258@cam.ac.uk Computer Sciences
Rob Wallach Life Fellow rob.wallach@kings.cam.ac.uk Material Sciences
Dror Weil Official Fellow dw612@cam.ac.uk
Dror Weil Official Fellow dw612@cam.ac.uk History of Early Modern Asia
Darin Weinberg Professorial Fellow dtw23@cam.ac.uk Sociology
Godela Weiss-Sussex Professorial Fellow gw266@cam.ac.uk German
Tom White Life Fellow tow1@cam.ac.uk Physics
John Young Life Fellow jby1@cam.ac.uk Applied Thermodynamics
Nicolette Zeeman Professorial Fellow, Keeper of the College Collections nz202@cam.ac.uk English

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Research Committee

The Research Committee includes the: Provost (Dr Gillian Tett; Chair) Vice-Provost (Prof. Robin Osborne) Senior...

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