Funding for Graduates

We appreciate that for many applicants, studying for a postgraduate degree would be impossible without adequate funding to cover the University Composition Fee and requisite amount necessary to pay for maintenance costs. At Cambridge, there are a number of funding opportunities from a wide variety of sources, including Research Councils, the Cambridge Trust, Gates Cambridge, central University funds, and from the Colleges themselves.


Grant-Making Bodies

External grant-making bodies include the seven UK Research Councils, which offer awards across all disciplines. You can apply for grants from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) through the University's Graduate Funding pages, linked to below. Applicants in other disciplines will usually be automatically considered for a grant from a Research Council, but it is worth checking whether you need to make a separate application.

Most grant-making bodies pay your full fees plus maintenance costs, although some may only provide awards that partially cover your costs - for instance, fees only. If this is the case, it is important to ensure that you can cover your maintenance costs by other means. The College recommends that at least £17,500 is needed for maintenance per year.

King's Studentships

King’s is fortunate in being one of the best-funded Colleges in Cambridge for graduate studentships. To maximise our funding for studentships, around 50% of our overall studentship funds are allocated into a Collegiate University Shared Funding Scheme, which means that for every £1 we contribute to the scheme, the University or one of its shared funding partners will match. Our studentships are awarded purely on academic merit. 


The competition for a King’s Studentship is open to any individual beginning a new graduate degree as a member of King’s College and the University of Cambridge. When you apply, it is advisable to choose King’s as your first-choice College on the application form as this will maximise your chances of being offered membership here and of being eligible for a King’s Studentship.

Value of Studentship

Most of our awards for doctoral students provide full funding for University Composition Fees and living expenses. In some circumstances, awards may be reduced to take into account existing awards or offers from other funding bodies for the same course. Some awards for applicants for Masters degrees may not be fully funded. King’s studentships are tenable for up to the normal minimum length of the degree and are renewed annually subject to satisfactory progress.

How to Apply

Applications for funding are made via the Cambridge University  

By ticking ‘I want to be considered for funding’ when applying through the Applicant Portal, you will automatically be considered for:

  • Most Cambridge Trust funds, including the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards
  • Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholarships
  • ESRC (where eligible)
  • EPSRC (where eligible)
  • STFC (where eligible)
  • Some Department and College funds

There are other funds you can also be considered for which require further information from you.  Details can be found at

Closing Date for Studentship Applications

There are 2 deadlines and departments choose which they want to have for each course.  The deadlines are the 3rd December and 7th January.  To find out the deadline date for a specific course please refer to  the course directory to find the course you are looking for and check the Funding Deadline for the date assigned to that course.

Have a query that isn't answered here? Please refer to our frequently asked questions about applying for graduate funding at King's.
Information about the costs of graduate study at Cambridge, including the University fees and costs of graduate accommodation.

Other Studentships at King's

Outside of this shared scheme, there are other funds for King’s studentships that, due to donor restrictions, are wholly administered by King’s College. When available, these studentships will be advertised below, with full requirements and selection criteria as well as information on how and when to apply.

Current studentships wholly administered by King's:

The King's-Yale fellowship creates an opportunity for a graduating student from Yale to study in Cambridge for a year.
Established in 1908, the Fielder Studentship now offers a grant of £12,500 for an MPhil student in Classics, Theology, or some History courses, with proficiency in Greek.
Available to support an MPhil student who has been awarded ‘refugee status’ in the UK, or has formerly held refugee status, or is from an area of instability/conflict.
Established in 1934 by the Will of the late Mrs A.H.M. Douton, the Douton Studentship offers a grant of £12,500 for applicants taking an MPhil in Classics.
A fully-funded PhD studentship for an applicant studying some aspect of the history and culture of the Silk Roads countries, societies, and cultures.

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