Guide to the Modern Archives

The Centre's personal paper collections have developed since 1930 when those of the poet and Kingsman Rupert Brooke were transferred. They are now especially strong in the fields of early twentieth century literature, fine art and economics. Particularly well documented are the lives and works of Bloomsbury artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant and art critics Roger Fry and Clive Bell; the writer E.M. Forster; the poet T.S. Eliot; the economists J.M. Keynes, Joan Robinson, Richard Kahn and Nicholas Kaldor; and the computer scientist Alan Turing.

The modern archive catalogues are now available on the Janus website. The work of editing the catalogues for publication on Janus was made possible through financial assistance from the East of England Museums Libraries and Archives Council (EEMLAC).

The modern archives collections are:

Collection ... Reference ... Main subject
Annan Papers   NGA   Noel Gilroy Annan, 1916-2000 [KC 1935]
Ashbee Papers   CRA   Charles Robert Ashbee, 1863-1942 [KC 1883]
Avery Papers   PWA   Peter William Avery, 1923-2008 [KC 1958]
Balfour Papers   REB   Ronald Edmond Balfour, 1904-45 [KC 1922]
Barnes Papers   GRB   George Barnes, 1904-1960 [KC 1922]
Bell Papers   JHB   Julian Bell, 1908-1937 [KC 1927]
Bloomsbury Papers   BLM   Bloomsbury related material
Bradshaw Papers   BRA   Henry Bradshaw, 1831-1886 [KC 1850]
Braithwaite Papers   RBB   Richard Bevan Braithwaite, 1900-1990 [KC 1988]
Brooke Papers   RCB   Rupert Brooke, 1887-1915 [KC 1906]
Browning Papers   OB   Oscar Browning, 1837-1923 [KC 1856]
Bulmer Papers   EFB   Edward Frederick Bulmer, 1867-1941 [KC 1885]
Canning Papers   SCR   Stratford Canning, 1986-1880 [KC 1806]
Carey Papers   FCSC   Francis Clive Savill Carey, 1883–1968
Carter Papers   JWC   John Waynflete Carter, 1905-1975 [KC 1924]
Charleston Papers   CHA   Clive and Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant
Clapham Papers   JHC   John Harold Clapham, 1873-1946 [KC 1892]
Compton-Burnett Papers   ICB   Ivy Compton-Burnett, 1884-1969
Cory Papers   WJC   William Johnson Cory, 1823-1892 [KC 1842]
Dampier Family Papers   DAMP   Henry Dampier, 1758–1816 [KC 1776] and his son John Lucius Dampier, 1793-1853 [KC 1812]
Dent Papers   EJD   Edward Joseph Dent, 1876-1957 [KC 1895]
Dickinson Papers   GLD   Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson, 1862-1932 [KC 1881]
Edwards Papers   CJE   Charles Joseph Edwards, 1886-1979 [KC 1905]
Eliot, T.S       See Hayward Bequest
Felkin Papers   AEF   Arthur Elliott Felkin, 1892-1968 [KC 1911]
Ford Brown Papers   FB   Ford and Brown families, 19th and 20th centuries
Forster Papers   EMF   Edward Morgan Forster, 1879-1970 [KC 1897]
Fry Papers   REF   Roger Fry, 1866-1934 [KC 1885]
Garnett Papers   AG   Angelica Garnett, 1918-
Green Papers   WCG   William Charles Green, 1832-1914 [KC 1851]
Haslam Papers   WHH   William Heywood Haslam, 1889-1981 [KC 1908]
Hayward Bequest   HB   Thomas Stearns Eliot, 1888-1965
Hayward Papers   JDH   John Hayward, 1905-1965 [KC 1922]
The Cambridge Humanists Papers   HUM   The Cambridge Humanists, 1955-1979
James Papers   MRJ   Montague Rhodes James, 1862-1936 [KC 1882]
Kahn Papers   RFK   Richard Kahn, 1905-1989 [KC 1929]
Kaldor Papers   NK   Nicholas Kaldor, 1908-1986 [KC 1949]
Geoffrey Keynes Papers   GLK   Geoffrey Keynes, 1887-1982
John Maynard Keynes Papers   JMK   John Maynard Keynes, 1883-1946 [KC 1902]
Lydia Lopokova Keynes Papers   LLK   Lydia Lopokova Keynes, 1892-1981
Kingston Papers   GAK   Gertrude Kingston, 1886-1937
Lang-Hyde Papers   JRLH   John Reginald Lang-Hyde, 1899-1990 [KC 1924]
Leach Papers   ERL   Edmund Leach, 1910-1989 [KC 1960]
Le Fanu Papers   LEF   Le Fanu family, 18th-19th centuries
Lehmann Papers   RNL   Rosamond Nina Lehmann, 1901-1990
Leslie Papers   SJRL   Shane (John) Randolph Leslie, 1885-1971 [KC 1904]
Loder Papers   REL   Robert E. Loder
MacAlister Papers   DAM   Donald Alexander MacAlister, 1875-1968 [KC 1919]
MacNeice Papers   FLM   Louis MacNeice, 1907-1963
Macpherson Papers   REM   Roderick Ewen Macpherson, 1916-2000 [KC 1935]
Mann Papers   AHM   Arthur Henry Mann, 1850-1929 [KC 1876]
Menke Papers   WTM   William Theodore Menke, b. 1931 [KC 1950]
Meredith Papers   HM   Hugh Owen Meredith, 1874-1964 [KC 1897]
Milner-White Papers   EMW   Eric Milner-White, 1884-1963 [KC 1903]
Moorsom Papers   RSM   Raisley Moorsom, 1892-1981 [KC 1911]
Munby Papers   ANLM   Alan Noel Latimer ('Tim') Munby, 1913-1974 [KC 1932]
Nixon Papers   JEN   John Edwin Nixon, 1840-1916 [KC 1859]
Non-Members' Papers   NM   Very small collections related to famous people who are not members of King's College
Ord Papers   BO   Bernhard ('Boris') Ord, 1897-1961 [KC 1923]
Partridge Papers   FCP   Frances Catherine Partridge (1900-2004)
Pigou Papers   ACP   Arthur Cecil Pigou, 1877-1959 [KC 1896]
Pole Papers   RWP   Reginald Pole, 1887-1971 [KC 1907]
Popham Papers   POP   Arthur Ewart ('Hugh') Popham, 1889-1970 [KC 1908] and his wife Brynhild Popham (née Olivier), 1886/7-1935
Prothero Papers   GWP   George Prothero, 1848-1922 [KC 1868]
Radcliffe Papers   PFR   Philip FitzHugh Radcliffe, 1905-1986 [KC 1924]
Ramsey Papers   FPR   Ramsey, Frank Plumpton, 1903-1930 [KC 1924]
Raven Papers   JER   John E. Raven, 1914-1980 [KC 1948]
Herbert Richmond Papers   HWR   Herbert William Richmond, 1864-1948 [KC 1882]
Oliffe Richmond Papers   OLR   Oliffe Legh Richmond, 1881-1977 [KC 1900]
Robinson Papers   JVR   Joan Robinson, 1903-1983 [KC 1979]
Rylands Papers   GHWR   George Humphrey Wolferstan ('Dadie') Rylands, 1902-1999 [KC 1921]
Salt Papers   GS   George Salt, 1903-2003 [KC 1933]
Saltmarsh Papers   JS   John Saltmarsh, 1908-1975 [KC 1926]
Sheppard Papers   JTS   John Tresidder Sheppard, 1881-1968 [KC 1900]
Shire Papers   ESS  

Edward Samuel Shire, 1908-1978 [KC 1927] Shire's scientific papers are now held at Churchill College.

Simeon Papers   CS   Charles Simeon, 1759-1836 [KC 1779]
Small Collections   SC   Single items or files related to kingsmen
Sprott Papers   WJHS   Walter John Herbert ('Sebastian') Sprott, 1897-1971
Steegman Papers   STE   John Edward Horatio Steegman, 1899-1966 [KC 1919]
Stephen Papers   JKS   James Kenneth Stephen, 1859-1892 [KC 1878]
Stephens Papers   IMS   Ian Melville Stephens, 1903-1984 [KC 1921]
Stone Papers   JRNS   John Richard Nicholas Stone, 1913-1991 [KC 1945]
Tillyard Papers   EMWT   Eustace Mandeville Wetenhall Tillyard, 1889-1962
Turing Papers   AMT   Alan Turing, 1912-1954 [KC 1931]
Visit the Turing Digital Archive to see scanned images of the Turing papers.  
Waley Papers   ADW   Arthur David Waley, 1889-1966 [KC 1907]
Walston/Waldstein Papers   CW   Charles Walston, 1856-1927 [KC 1882]
Wedd Papers   NW   Nathaniel Wedd, 1864-1940 [KC 1883]
Wilkinson Papers   LPW   Lancelot Patrick Wilkinson, 1907-1985 [KC 1926]
Williams Papers   GW   George Williams, 1814-1878 [KC 1832]
Wilson Papers   HSW   Hugh Stanley Wilson, d. 1915 [KC 1904]

The date in square brackets at the end of each entry is the date of admission to King's College.

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