Mentoring and Tutoring

The College has received a generous donation that allows us to identify students who have not had the same educational, or financial, resources available to them throughout their school lives, and who, for this reason, might benefit from additional support in the lead up to, and following their commencement, of their studies at King’s. As a result of this, we are able to offer additional support to offer holders who have not had access to the same resources and opportunities as others, and one of the ways we offer support is though mentoring and tutoring.



We are able to offer selected students supplemental tutoring via a private company, The Profs, with whom we have worked for many years, to assist them in their exam/assessment preparation. This typically involves twenty or more hours of tutoring in one of their A level subjects, i.e. one hour a week, working on very specific tasks that will be tested in the exams.  There is no cost to the students, and the work would be done with a mentor whom students would meet online to do the sessions. 

Students who are eligible are contacted with further details by the Admissions team when they receive their offer to study at King's.



We work with the charity Project Access to give selected offer holders the opportunity to be paired with a mentor for additional support. More information about Project Access can be found on their website.



The Bridging Programme is a sort of 'pre-university' course set to run for two weeks ahead of the start of term, and is a collaboration between King's, and Christ's, Colleges.

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