Support for Current Students

The College has received a generous donation that allows us to identify students who have not had the same educational, or financial, resources available to them throughout their school lives, and who, for this reason, might benefit from additional support in the lead up to, and following their commencement, of their studies at King’s (“Access Students”). As a result of this, we are able to offer additional support to students who have not had access to the same resources and opportunities as others, and want to offer these to you when we can. Eligibility for these forms of support is completely independent of matters of academic merit, and in no way imply that the college has concerns about an eligible student in terms of ability or performance. This form of support is additional to the financial support available to students generally from the Financial Tutor. For more information, please see Other Forms of Support.

Vacation Accommodation

One of the forms of support that we are able to offer such students is free accommodation, in King’s, for the duration of the Christmas and Easter vacations. This can help students to work more efficiently, and can often remove sources of stress, which can interfere with their studies, and/or well-being. This support is available to any Access Student who can show that they do not have suitable accommodation to return to during the holidays, that is, accommodation that is conducive to efficient study. This might be because they share their rooms with siblings; because of a breakdown in familial relations, making returning home stressful; due to mental or physical health issues, or financial reasons. Provision of such accommodation is not automatic, and must be arranged via the Admissions Tutor. If you are eligible for this form of support, you will be notified in advance of your coming to Cambridge in October.

Technology and Equipment Grants

Access Students who do not have access to a laptop or tablet that is sufficient for their studies, can apply to the Admissions Tutor for a grant of up to £650 to cover the cost of a new device. The Admissions Tutor will explain the minimum requirements of the device (usually, this is at least i5 processor, and 8GB Ram) but the student will be free to choose the device and purchase it themselves (using funds advanced by college). Usually, this will be a laptop, as it will have to cover all their study needs, and is designed as an investment that should last at least the full degree. Students are only able to access this grant once, so we recommend they apply only if/when absolutely needed. You will be informed about your eligibility for this money before arriving in October.

In addition to money specifically targeted at the provision of technology, there is also available money to support the purchase of other equipment that might be useful for the students’ degree. The eligibility criteria for this grant is broader than the technology grant, and those eligible will be informed of their eligibility before arriving in October. This money could be used to cover things such as the cost of a second-hand bike, or any other device, or resource, that the student can show would help them make the most of their degree, and contribute to their ability to handle their studies. Eligible students will be asked to submit an application to the Admissions Tutor who will consider whether to make a grant, and how much.


Many Access students will have been  offered tutoring with The Profs to help you them meet their offers, during the last few months’ of their A-levels (or equivalent). Access students will also, however, have the opportunity to receive tutoring from The Profs during their first year. There is no obligation on a student to take up this offer, but students are strongly advised to at least have an initial meeting with a representative of the Profs to discuss whether this is something that they think would be beneficial, and to come up with an arrangement and schedule likely to suit them. The College will pay for up to 24, one-hour sessions throughout the year, to be distributed as the student feels fit. However, we strongly recommend that students schedule sessions in advance, and consult their director of studies with regard to advised topics for focus. Many students have made use of The Profs to help them with essay writing, and with note-taking, while others often focus on particular topics that they find challenging. It is entirely up to them, and is to be negotiated with The Profs and your assigned tutor.

Those eligible for this form of support will be made aware of this before coming to King’s in October. 

Summer Internship Grants

Many students spend their summers undertaking internships, work experience arrangements, or engaging in other forms of personal, academic, and professional development. Unfortunately, it can be very hard to undertake such opportunities, if they do not have access to independent funds, and are unable to support themselves throughout. It is in recognition of this, that Access students  are able to apply for a grant of up to £3,000 per year, to fund summer internships/professional courses/other activities deemed to contribute to their career. This need not be directly related to their tripos subject, but must be oriented towards helping them to get a job after you leave university, whether in Academia, or in wider society. Eligible students will be informed of their eligibility before the start at King’s in October. They will then be invited to submit an application, some time in February/March detailing their plans, and explaining which organisations they will be working with/associated with. Students who receive the grant will then have to submit a brief report after the summer to explain what they did, and what they learned.

The purpose of this money is to take the pressure of students when it comes to engaging in these opportunities, to cover living costs, and potentially replace lost earnings, if they might otherwise have had to take on a paid job. This money is still available if the internship is paid.

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