Small Subjects Residential

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Using the Past to Change the Future: Conflict


30th-31st March 2023

How can we, as a society and community, improve the future by learning from the past?

Our rapidly-changing world is experiencing never before seen changes to the environments in which we live, with conflict being one of the big issues that we face in our daily lives. In such a context, an important question to be asked is how different disciplines, and a combination of such disciplines, might inform our attempts to answer the big questions of today, and tomorrow. How are experts from wide-ranging subject disciplines participating in contemporary debates about environmental and social change? How might young people use University study as a spring-board to a career contributing to meaningful social change?

Working with academics from the disciplines of:

·   Archaeology

·   Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

·   Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic Studies

·   Geography

·   History of Art

·   Linguistics

·   Theology

Participants in this residential will be given the opportunity, through independent research, academic sessions and group work with peers, to explore how a degree in these subject, might help them to contribute to the process of providing answers to the big questions of the future.

The residential will combine a series of workshops, and group activities, that will:

(1) demonstrate the variety of careers to which a degree in these ‘small subjects’ can lead, helping to show that one can do more with a History of Art, ASNC, AMES (etc) degree than become a teacher of these subjects;

(2) demonstrate these apparently niche disciplines are actually at the heart of some of the biggest contemporary issues of today; and

(3) demonstrate the value of inter-disciplinary work, and thus, the benefits that a University Education which provides opportunities for such work, can bring.  




  • interest in inter-disciplinary study
  • attendance at a UK state school
  • Year 12 England and Wales, Year 13 Northern Ireland, S5 Scotland

In case we are over-subscribed, we will make selections based on our Widening Participation Policy.


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Applications for this year's residential have now closed. If you would like to be notified when applications open for the 2024 residential, please register your interest here.

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