James Dolan

Dr James Dolan
Research Fellow, Assistant Tutor
Science Communication

James is a scientist and science communicator. As Cambridge's first Junior Research Fellow in Science Communication, he is continuing his research at the intersection of nanophotonics and soft matter physics (“making optical materials make themselves”) as part of the Bio-Inspired Photonics Group, Department of Chemistry, whilst also practising and researching science communication. James is interested in how scientists’ perceptions of science, how it works, and its role in society affect how and why they communicate their science, and in reconciling the lived experience of scientist-communicators with the scholarly literature on science communication. In particular, he will focus on science communication with policy makers, as part of the science policy research programme at the Centre for Science and Policy (CSP) and Bennett Institute for Public Policy; and, working alongside Cambridge’s Public Engagement Team, will investigate improv comedy as a novel public engagement technique.

Phone: 39728 (01223 331 9728)
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