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Rosanna Omitowoju

Dr Rosanna Omitowoju
Ordinary Fellow, Welfare Tutor

My name is Rosanna, and I have been at King’s for a long time! I came here from Carlisle in Cumbria to be an undergraduate, and have stayed ever since. It is a very good place to be! When I was an undergraduate, I was taught a lot by John and Simon (see below), so it was a bit strange when I became their colleague. But I am used to that now! After my undergraduate degree, I did a year of teacher training, then a PhD. I have written a book and a few articles, but teaching is the most important thing to me. For King’s I teach Greek language and literature – which I love – but I teach a lot of Latin as well. I have a particular responsibility for the Four Year Degree in Cambridge, which is the pathway for students who haven’t studied Latin or Greek yet. Making Classics accessible, fun, exciting and relevant are things which are incredibly important to me. In my view, Classics is one of the most relevant subjects there is – it is so broad and far reaching, without boundaries, you could say – but we always have to keep working hard to keep it changing, adapting to the times and porous to the needs and interests of diverse groups who want to study it. That’s what I love about it. And I have such a great bunch of colleagues here in King’s: we are close-knit and work very hard, but have a lot of laughs and buzzy discussion along the way.

Phone: 31123 (internal) 01223 331123 (external)
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