For Offer Holders

This page contains information for applicants at King's college, who were successful in receiving an offer from us for entry in October 2023 (or deferred for 2024). More information will be published here in due course. Please read this page in its entirety as it includes important information and deadlines for your offer.



Congratulations on your offer!

Congratulations on getting an offer! We are delighted to have been able to make you an offer to study your chosen subject at King's, and wish you the best of luck in your exams, if you are yet to take them. Please read all of the information on this page and in the links very carefully and check them regularly for updates.

Before we can confirm your place at King's in August you will need to have satisfied the conditions specified in your particular offer letter. Please double check that you have sent us the documents we need from the table below and that you have set in place the processes to obtain the others. This is a long list but only parts of it will be relevant to you. We suggest that you go through it row by row, and write reminders in your diary etc. Your offer letter from King's will also contain full details of the particular conditions that apply to you.

For queries, we prefer to be contacted by email in all cases: Please continue to write your name, subject (including 'Biological' or 'Physical' for Natural Sciences) and UCAS number on all correspondence with us.

Where you are required to upload documents, please don't forget to name all your documents with your name, subject and UCAS number. All documents should be uploaded to the relevant link mentioned in the offer letter. If you are uncertain, contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

Offer Holders' Checklist




  What we need   By when

Offer Decision

Reply to UCAS ... All students ...
You must record a firm acceptance / insurance / decline decision for your Cambridge offer with UCAS.
... See deadline on UCAS website. Depends when you hear from other universities.
Reply directly to King's   All students  
A completed King's offer reply form (sent to you by email).
  Same deadline as UCAS reply. See above.

Academic Conditions

Documents showing all grades and scores declared in your application   All students  
Copies of certificates or statements showing all results on your UCAS form / SAQ / My Cambridge Application. Upload on the online form linked in your offer letter. 
  17 March 2023.
Changes to exam entries   Students with any change to information in your application about exams you have yet to take.  
An email informing us of any changes to exams you stated that you would be taking this summer on your UCAS form. If you would like to 'drop' a subject, you must request permission from the Admissions Tutor ( must also inform UCAS.
  By 30 April.
Exam results processed by UCAS (mostly UK exams & IB)   All students with a conditional offer and qualifications processed by UCAS.  
Those results processed by UCAS are provided to us through official channels.
  As we get results from UCAS, you don't have to do anything on results day. Please send copies of the certificates when you later receive them.
Exam results not processed by UCAS (mostly international examination results)   All students with a conditional offer and qualifications which are not processed by UCAS (see list of qualifications processed by UCAS)  
A copy of your official results document and a translation if appropriate (by you is fine). If the document does not state the specific results required by your offer please ask a teacher to confirm what you achieved in the terms we asked for it.
  As soon as possible and by 30 July at the latest.
Missed offers: A-level UMS scores on results day   A-level candidates who do not get the required grades for their offer (including Mathematics STEP offers) only.  
A scanned copy of your statement of results for each A-level (showing UMS scores) sent by email.
  As soon as you get your results. Please do not delay sending this.

English Language Conditions

English Language requirement   Students for whom this condition has been set in the offer letter.  
Copy of your language certificate showing required grades.
  As soon as possible and by 30 July at the latest.

Financial Conditions

Confirmation of HOME status   UK HOME students  
Copy of 'University or College Payment Advice' from Student Finance England / Northern Ireland / Wales, or copy of 'Award Notice' from the Student Awards Agency for Scotland
  As soon as you receive the documents after applying. For HOME eligibility, UK home students must apply to the appropriate agency and provide the requested document. You do not have to take out a loan.
Home Financial guarantee   UK students  
Completed Financial Guarantee Declaration form & any supporting financial documents. This form will be emailed to you by the Financial Tutor in April before you start your course.
  By 1 June 2023. In this case send to King's College Financial Tutor's Assistant.
Financial guarantee outside the UK   Students from EU and overseas  
Completed Financial Guarantee Declaration form & supporting financial documents. This form will be emailed to you in April before you start your course.
  By 1 June 2023. In this case send to King's College Financial Tutor's Assistant. 
Fee Status Questionnaire   Students who have been advised in their offer letter that they need to submit this.   
Completed Fee Status Questionnaire & supporting  documents.
  By 10 February 2023 (or the date stated in your offer letter/email). Please contact the admissions office for the form. 

Visa Conditions

Confirmation that you will need a visa to study in the UK.   Offer-holders who will need a visa (check if you need a visa and see UK immigration info)  
Email King's Admissions Office to confirm that you will need a visa (see Cambridge International Team's visa advice).
  By 15 February in the year you are due to start at King's. Once we receive your email, we will send more information.
Send in documents   Offer-holders who will need a visa  
Details will be provided of what to send and how to send it in the detailed information we will send to you.
  date tbc, but most likely April/May 2023.
Meet all the conditions of your offer   Offer-holders who will need a visa  
All offer holders have financial conditions and must send King's the required documents. If your offer has academic conditions we wait for exam results. A Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) cannot be issued until you have met all offer conditions.
  As soon as possible and see finance section above.
Apply for ATAS clearance if relevant and send a copy of the certificate to King's.   Offer-holders for science and technology subjects.  
You will receive an email from the international students' team in May / June which you need to act on.
  As soon as possible after you receive the email.
Apply for Tier 4 visa (see website)   Offer-holders who have met all the conditions of their offer and received a CAS from Cambridge.  
The International Student Team begin to issue the CAS from June. You will need to be patient waiting - the office has a lot to process.
  When you can apply depends on which country you are from.
Once you are in Cambridge: Collect your visa (BRP)   Offer-holders who need a visa  
Read the information about where to collect your visa (Biometric Residence Permit) from.
  As soon as possible once you have arrived in Cambridge, UK.
Register with the police   Offer-holders who need a visa and are from specific countries.  
Read the information and book an appointment with Cambridge Police Station in advance of your arrival.
  As soon as you know your date of arrival in the UK. Appointment time must be after collecting your BRP.
Show original copies of your school-leaving certificates.   Offer-holders who need a visa  
You will be asked to take original copies of your school-leaving certificates to King's Tutorial office (F2, Gibbs' Building).
  In freshers' week when you are at King's.

Subject-specific Deadlines

Course choices   Natural Sciences students  
Confirmation of your first year option choices.
  By 1 August 2023.
Occupational Health   Medicine students  
Return Health Assessment and Immunisation record directly to Occupational Health.
  date tbc
Criminal Record clearance   Medicine students  
Completed form and associated evidence of identity.
  As soon as possible, deadline tbc
STEP entries   Students who have offer conditions including STEP papers.  
Ensure that you are entered for the relevant STEP papers if your offer includes a STEP condition.
  By early May 2023.

Disability Disclosure, Interruptions to your Studies and Exam Problems

Disability disclosure / advice   Students with a disability which they did not declare in their application.  
We encourage you to submit a disability disclosure form to the Disability Resource Centre who provide confidential help and advice. We are also always happy to for you to contact King's.
  As soon as possible.
Significant interruptions to your studies after January.   Students who become ill or have their studies this year affected for another reason.  
We encourage you to ask a teacher to email us to keep us informed.
  As soon as possible.
Problems and interruptions in examinations   Students who encounter a problem in an exam (e.g. school or exam board mistakes).  
We encourage you to ask a teacher to email us to keep us informed.
  As soon as possible.

Music Award Applications

Choral Award application   Any offer holder interested in singing for King's College Choir  or King's Voices.  
Completed Choral Award form. The form is available to download on the right of the University Choral Awards page.
  by 15 February 2023 (even if your offer is for October 2023 entry).
Choral Award reference   Any offer holder interested in singing for King's College Choir or King's Voices.  
Completed Choral Award reference form. The form is available to download on the right of the University Choral Awards page.
  by  1 March 2023 (even if your offer is for October 2024 entry).
Instrumental Award
  Interested offer-holders with Grade VIII distinction / equivalent in Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon or French horn.  
Completed Instrumental Award application form.
  by 26 April 2023 (Candidates for October 2024 entry apply in April 2024).

Accommodation and other Freshers' Forms

Accommodation form and further forms for joining the College.   Freshers receive the accommodation form and further information and forms for joining the College in late August / early September.  
There is nothing to do for accommodation before you receive freshers' information. Rooms are allocated in September, after exam results for all conditional offer holders have been received.
  by a date in early September to be confirmed in your freshers' letter.

Contact Details

Changes to contact details   If your mailing address, phone number or email address change.  
Update details on UCAS Track and also send King's an email with the new information.
  As soon as your details change.

I've Received my Exam Results - What Next?

If you have met the requirements of your offer, congratulations! In most cases UCAS Track will update on Thursday 18 or Friday 19 August - please check this first rather than phoning us. We advise you to re-read your offer letter and ensure that all necessary documents have been sent to us, such as your offer reply form, DBS documents for Medical Students etc. It is also advisable to check the Offer Holders' Checklist above, and you may wish to find out more about life at King's ahead of your arrival.

If you have not met the academic offer conditions set out in your January offer letter, please stay calm. As you know, we base all decisions on our judgement of your academic promise, as reflected by your application as a whole. We may be able to admit some candidates who have missed their offers.

UCAS Track is your first source of information on Thursday 18 and Friday 19. Please check it to see if a decision has been made on your application rather than phoning us. If UCAS Track has not yet updated, we are still considering your application. As soon as our decision is finalised, UCAS Track will update.

If you are an A-Level student and we are still considering your application, please scan and email us your UMS marks as quickly as possible on Thursday 18 August. If you have missed a STEP offer, please send us your UMS grades even if you have met your A-Level conditions. We are happy to receive a letter of support from your school if they have anything to add to the original UCAS reference they wrote for you. Any letters from your school should be sent by email.

We will email you when we can. This will normally come after UCAS Track updates. Although we will do our best to keep you informed, it may not be possible to email you straight away.

We aim to get a decision to all candidates who have missed their offers by the end of Friday 19 August where possible. Please note that this could be (very) late on Friday evening. We are doing our best for you and appreciate your patience at a difficult time.

International Students

If your examinations are not in the list of results UCAS receives (and passes on to us), please scan and email a document showing your official results when you receive it (or post a photocopy if you can't do that). The document you send must be a clear copy and must specifically state any subjects and grades we have asked for in your academic offer. If we have asked you for something not directly stated on the document you receive, please ask a teacher at your school to send us specific confirmation on school letter-headed paper that you have achieved the relevant grades or scores. If your results document is not in English, please also provide a translation (a translation by you is fine). If your exams are listed in the UCAS list, you do not need to do anything. Many thanks!

If you have met your academic offer conditions, congratulations! Nothing will happen now until we have all exam results after A-level results are published (mid August). We will write to all conditional offer holders at the same time to confirm places. Please ensure that you re-read your offer letter and the offer-holders' checklist and ensure that you have met any non-academic conditions as well. Please do not worry about UCAS Track (which will not update for some time) - what matters is that you have met all the conditions set out in your offer letter. If you will need a visa, see the visa section on the checklist.

If you have not met your academic offer conditions, please stay calm. We will write as soon as possible after receiving the results for all our offer holders in mid-August. As you know, we base all decisions on our judgement of the academic promise of a candidate, and on the application as a whole. We may be able to admit some candidates who have missed their offers very narrowly. There is no need for you to act before we contact you. We are happy to receive a letter of support from your school at the normal email address if they have anything to add to the original UCAS reference they wrote for you.

Preparing for Your Arrival

It is important to try and do as much of the recommended reading as possible before you arrive in Cambridge. In the Reading Lists below you will find the preparatory texts and information which will stand you in good stead for starting life in Cambridge. You may also wish to read some of our Student Perspectives, written by some of our recent students about their experiences at King's.

Preparatory reading for applicants who have already been given an offer, or prospective students thinking of applying.
What's it really like to study at King's? We asked students to discuss their course, life in the College and what they do outside their studies.
You are strongly advised to read these documents which form part of the terms of admission referred to in your offer letter.
All the information and documents that you might need if you're about to start your undergraduate career at King's.
If you are holding a deferred offer, there will be a year and eight months between receiving your offer in January and starting at King's. The offer-holders' section is your main source of information
This year we will launch our first Offer Holder Visit Day, for those who applied in 2022 for 2023 or 2024 (deferred) entry who have been made a conditional or unconditional offer.

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