Applicant Information 2020

After 15 October, King's applicants for 2021 and 2022 entry will receive an email directing them to this page. If you are a current applicant, please add our email address to your safe senders list to ensure our emails to not land in your SPAM folder.  

Thank you for submitting a UCAS form and applying to King’s. Below and in the sub-pages of this section, you will find the information you need for the next stages in the application process. This Applicant Information section is now your main source of information until January. Please read the page and links extremely carefully (you'll see that there's a chronological order), bookmark it, and refer back to it regularly. It is essentially the Admissions Office notice board, and you will miss important and useful information and forms if you do not read it.

Current notes for applicants:

Welcome to the Applicant Information section!

We encourage you to help us to help you by:

  • Reading this section thoroughly to see if your question has already been answered.
  • Starting every email with your name, subject and UCAS number.
  • Sending an email rather than phoning (we can answer your query more efficiently that way).

We don't want to discourage you from getting in touch if there is something that you need to know, but please bear in mind that time spent answering your queries is time not spent working on your applications and interview schedules. Many thanks!

The Application Process

Please ensure that you have read the 'Application Process' page thoroughly. It sets out the application process from beginning to end. It is also essential for all King's candidates to read the pre-interview notes carefully (you may be at a disadvantage if you do not read this page).

Please ensure that you are reading your emails at the email address that you wrote on your UCAS form. In particular, we sent you a very important email shortly after the 15 October deadline: King's College, Cambridge: important information for applicants. If you have not read that email carefully as we requested, you may be at a disadvantage.

Thinking of applying to King's? See here for a breakdown of the process, from submitting your UCAS application to receiving your offer.
Applying for entry in 2020, or for deferred entry in 2021? Check the dates and deadlines for your application here.  

After Submitting your UCAS Form and SAQ

(Information for 22 Oct-7 Nov)

It is essential for all King's candidates to read the pre-interview notes for candidates page very carefully indeed and take whatever action is required. You may be at a disadvantage if you do not read these notes.

The pre-interview notes contain information about written work that you may have to send in to arrive by 5 November 2020, as well as details of admissions assessments, interviews, and any additional things you need to do for your subject.


22 October 2020

Adjustment form This form is needed if you declared a disability, learning difficulty or long-term illness on your UCAS form (regardless of whether or not you need an adjustment), or if you normally receive adjustments for exams you take at school. 
22 October 2020 Applicant Additional information form A link to this form was sent to all applicants by email. All applicants, regardless of subject etc. need to submit this. 

26 October 2020

Extenuating Circumstances Form Have you been ill, had problems with your schooling, or had your studies interrupted in any way? Please read about the Extenuating Circumstances form if relevant - we will need this information in order to assess you fairly. The link to the ECF is here: 
5 November 2020 UMS form Applicants taking modular A levels.
5 November 2020 Fee status form Only applicants for the medicine course need to submit this. If you are a UK Medicine applicant this is still a requirement. (You can find the form in the links below)
5 November 2020 Written work and coversheet(s)

Please read the written work page for details of which subjects require written work, what is needed and guidelines (including details of how and where to send it).

If you are being interviewed overseas we still require any written work requested for your subject.


Candidates for some subjects are required to submit written work as part of the application process - see more here.

Contacting King's Admissions Office

To enable us to work efficiently, we ask you to start all emails / letters with the following information:

  • Your full name (as you wrote it on your UCAS form: please do not use alternative or shortened names)
  • Your subject (including 'Biological' or 'Physical' if it is Natural Sciences)
  • Your UCAS Personal ID
  • Your requested interview location (if it is not Cambridge, UK)

We strongly prefer you to contact us by email if possible:

Other contact details:

Undergraduate Admissions Office
King's College
United Kingdom

It's completely normal to be nervous about coming to interview, but here's some practical advice about how to prepare for the process.

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