Applicant Information 2022

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             After 15 October, King's applicants for 2023 and 2024 entry will receive an email directing them to this page. If you are a current applicant, please add our email address to your safe senders list to ensure our emails to not land in your SPAM folder.  

Thank you for submitting a UCAS form and applying to King’s. Below and in the sub-pages of this section, you will find the information you need for the next stages in the application process. This Applicant Information section is now your main source of information until January. Please read the page and links extremely carefully (you'll see that there's a chronological order), bookmark it, and refer back to it regularly. It is essentially the Admissions Office notice board, and you will miss important and useful information and forms if you do not read it.

Current notes for applicants:

Welcome to the Applicant Information section!

We encourage you to help us to help you by:

  • Reading this section thoroughly to see if your question has already been answered.
  • Starting every email with your name (exactly as you wrote it on the UCAS form), course applied for (including 'Biological' or 'Physical' if Natural Sciences and UCAS number (10 digits, please write without the dashes).
  • Sending an email rather than phoning (we can answer your query more efficiently that way).

We don't want to discourage you from getting in touch if there is something that you need to know, but please bear in mind that time spent answering your queries is time not spent working on your applications and interview schedules. So reading through these pages thoroughly before emailing is always a good idea, as you may find the information you are looking for here. Many thanks!

The Application Process

Please ensure that you have read the 'Application Process' page thoroughly. It sets out the application process from beginning to end. It is also essential for all King's candidates to read the pre-interview notes carefully (you may be at a disadvantage if you do not read this page).

Please ensure that you are reading your emails at the email address that you wrote on your UCAS form. In particular, we sent you a very important email shortly after the 15 October deadline: King's College, Cambridge: important information for applicants. If you have not read that email carefully as we requested, you may be at a disadvantage.

Thinking of applying to King's? See here for a breakdown of the process, from submitting your UCAS application to receiving your offer.
Applying for entry in 2022, or for deferred entry in 2023? Check the dates and deadlines for your application here.  
All students applying for an undergraduate course must apply through UCAS in the first instance - find out more here.

Decisions for all Applicants

Decisions for all applicants will be made in January.

26th January 2023: We will send decision emails to all King's College applicants who had been invited to interview. Please note that this will take some time - some of you will not receive your email until the evening. Please check your SPAM folder before chasing us for missing emails. This is a University-wide communication date.

The Cambridge Admissions website has information about the possible outcomes.

Invitation to Interviews with King's

(Information for 1 -30 Nov - dates are approximate)

The majority of interviews at King's will take place between Monday 5 December and Friday 16 December 2022 (inclusive). Some written assessments may take place from 23rd November onwards. Please keep these dates free of other important appointments. 

The page below tells you which dates we expect to interview for each subject. These dates are provisional and may change

The initial assessment of your application and scheduling of interviews and tests will take us some time. We will write to you at some point in November to let you know if you have been selected for interview and give you your interview timetable if relevant. This can be as early as 10th November, but depending on the subject may be as late as 30 November. 

We send interview invitations (or letters to say that you have not been selected for interview) by email only to all applicants. For information, we will let you know on this page when we have sent invitations for your subject so if anything goes astray you will know and can get in touch.

Applicants for the following subjects should have received an email from King's:

Archaeology: Invitations Sent 8th November 2022

ASNC: Invitations Sent 8th November 2022

History: Invitations Sent 9th November 2022

English: Invitations Sent 9th November 2022

Theology: Invitations Sent 9th November 2022

History of Art: Invitations Sent 10th November 2022

Architecture: Invitations Sent 10th November 2022

Linguistics: Invitations Sent 11th November 2022

HSPS: Invitations Sent 11th November 2022

Classics (3 Year): Invitations Sent 14th November 2022

Music: Invitations sent 15th November 2022

History & Modern Languages: Invitations sent 15th November 2022

Modern & Medieval Languages: Invitations sent 15th November 2022

Mathematics: Invitations sent 16th November 2022

Psychological and Behavioural Sciences: Invitations sent 16th November 2022 

History and Politics: Invitations sent 16th November 2022

Law: Invitations sent 16th November 2022

Geography: Invitations sent 16th November 2022

Classics (4 Year): Invitations sent 17th November 2022

Philosophy: Invitations sent 18th November 2022

Economics: Invitations sent 21st November 2022

Engineering: Invitations sent 23rd November 2022

Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology: Invitations sent 23rd November 2022

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies: Invitations sent 23rd November 2022

Natural Sciences Biological: Invitations sent 25th November 2022

Natural Sciences Physical: Invitations sent 25th November 2022

Computer Science: Invitations sent 28th November 2022

Provisional interview dates in Cambridge and overseas for King's applicants who have applied for entry in 2023 or deferred entry in 2024.
This page is for King's applicants who have been invited for interview in Cambridge and will sit a t

For Applicants Invited to Interview with Cambridge

(Information for Nov - 15 Dec)

Your invitation to interview states the date, time(s) and location(s) of all interviews and tests or admissions assessments (if relevant), and directs you to particular details you need. If you have been sent a zoom link, please DO NOT click this before the actual date and time of the interview. 

We will not provide hard copies of the information below during interview week. If you would find it useful to have any of the information with you on the day of your interview, please ensure that you bring it with you.

Many of the documents in this section will be added nearer the time.

How will interviews work this year?

All interviews for 2023 entry (or deferred entry in 2024) will take place online; in most cases this will be via Zoom. Your invitation to interview will confirm which platform you’ll be using, what you’ll need for your interview, and details of how to access your interview on the day. We’ve also put together two short video guides (links below) to help you set-up and prepare for your interview.

The content of your interview will be the same as if it was in person. You can find out more about Cambridge interviews on the What do interviews involve? and How should I prepare? pages linked below.

At-interview assessments will also be conducted remotely in 2022. If you’ve applied to a course that requires you to take an at-interview assessment, please check the information about arrangements on our At-interview Assessments page. Further guidance will be provided in your invitation to interview and on our website. If you have any queries about your At-interview assessment, please contact us by email.

What will I need?

For your online interview, you’ll need access to certain technology and resources (this will vary depending on the course that you’ve applied for).

All applicants will need the following:

  • a quiet location, free from distractions
  • a device with a webcam and microphone (make sure your device is fully charged/plugged in and you've tested the webcam/microphone in advance)
  • a good internet connection (close down any unused applications and ask others to avoid using the internet so that your connection is as strong as possible)
  • pen and paper

In addition to the above, some applicants (usually those who have applied to a Science/Mathematics course) will ideally have a tablet and stylus available. We will confirm what equipment you will need in your invitation to interview. Applicants who would normally be entitled to Free School Meals can speak to us about the purchase of an inexpensive tablet to use in their interview.

The tablet and stylus will be used for interactive whiteboard tasks during your interview. If you don’t have access to a tablet and stylus, we will let you know what to use instead. In some cases it may be possible to use a pen and paper as an alternative.

What if I don’t have access to the required technology?

If you don’t have access to a device with a webcam and microphone, please contact the admissions office by email. 

What if the technology goes wrong or the internet connection is lost during my interview?

Don’t panic! If you lose your connection or encounter technical issues, try to reconnect to the interview. If you can’t get back into the interview, please contact the admissions office. It’s useful to have a phone and admissions office contact details to hand, in case you need to do this.

What should I do to prepare and set-up?

You should ensure that you will have access to the equipment you’ll need for your interview (see above). It’s important to do this in advance so that you can notify us if you won’t have access to the required resources.

You should also test the video conferencing platform that you’ll be using for your interview (your invitation to interview will confirm which platform you’ll be expected to use). Your friends, family or supporters may be able to help you with this. We’ve put together two videos that run through the process for Zoom and Whereby respectively (see links below), which will help you to prepare and set up your test run.

Will I be able to speak with current students before my interview? 

Yes! Every year we run an interview helpdesk with current undergraduate students and this year is no different. Whilst this will be run online rather than in person, you can still expect the same great support from our students. Whether it to be to confirm interview times, check your IT is working correctly or, just for a chat before or after your interview, there will be someone there to speak with you. 

What if there are technical problems during the interview?

If, during the interview, technical problems arise (for example, the screen freezes, or your connection disconnects), in the first instance you should follow instructions from your interviewer/s if you can hear them. If you lose all connectivity, please disconnect and reconnect using the weblink/passcodes provided to you. Try this twice more, and if you are again unable to re-connect, please contact the Admissions Office on the telephone number/s provided, or follow any additional instructions given to you by the Admissions Office. The interviewer/s will note disruptions to your interview/s and you will not be disadvantaged by these. Please also see the below note.

Note: in the event that your interview/s are subject to substantial technical problems that mean that your interviewer/s do not feel they have enough information to make a judgement on the interview/s, the College Admissions Office will arrange to re-schedule your interview/s. You will be advised of this if it is the case.

It's completely normal to be nervous about coming to interview, but here's some practical advice about how to prepare for the process.
These notes are for current King's applicants, to be read in the context of the Applicant Information 2021.

Contacting King's Admissions Office

To enable us to work efficiently, we ask you to start all emails / letters with the following information:

  • Your full name (as you wrote it on your UCAS form: please do not use alternative or shortened names)
  • Your subject (including 'Biological' or 'Physical' if it is Natural Sciences)
  • Your UCAS Personal ID
  • Your requested interview location (if it is not Cambridge, UK)

We strongly prefer you to contact us by email if possible:

Other contact details:

Undergraduate Admissions Office
King's College
United Kingdom

It's completely normal to be nervous about coming to interview, but here's some practical advice about how to prepare for the process.
These notes are for current King's applicants, to be read in the context of the Applicant Information 2021.
Candidates for some subjects are required to submit written work as part of the application process - see more here.

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