Residentials and Access Programmes

For some time, we, at King’s, have offered a range of access and outreach activities, while, at the same time, regularly implementing a number of new initiatives. These newer initiatives currently include supporting the Target Oxbridge Cambridge residential programme; the Christ's-King's residential, initiated in co-operation with Christ's College, Cambridge, and the annual Ethnic Minorities Open Day. We are also excited to announce that in 2023 we will be running a 'Small Subject Residential' which focuses on how multi-disciplinary study approaches the issue of conflict and conflict resolution. In addition, we continue with our now traditional activities, including the Access Bus, the HE+ programme, the CUSU Shadowing Scheme and school visits in our link area.  

The central Cambridge Admissions website also has a section for teachers, parents and advisers. We encourage teachers to sign up for the Cambridge University teachers and advisers' newsletter, which will keep you updated and give details of events and conferences for HE practitioners.

If you would like to speak to a member of our outreach team please email:

King's organises and undertakes visits to schools, as well as co-ordinating visits to the College by school pupils and teachers.
An opportunity for Year 12 students to explore their options and improve their applications.
A series of online sessions for students in Year 10 or 11 considering applying to a competitive university
King's College is proud to have been involved with the Target Oxbridge Cambridge residential programme since 2018.
A collaborative project between the University and more than 130 state schools and colleges in eighteen regions of the UK.  
The Access Bus is an outreach initiative which sees King's students travel to the College's catchment area in the North East.
We encourage all prospective applicants to pursue their interests beyond the standard school curriculum.
Using the Past to Change the Future: Conflict. A residential using inter-disciplinary study to answer the big questions of today.
Are you a student in Year 13 (or equivalent) and are taking STEP exams or thinking about taking them to apply for Mathematics at a competitive University?

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