Research Committee

The Research Committee includes the:

  • Provost (Dr Gillian Tett; Chair)
  • Vice-Provost (Prof. Robin Osborne)
  • Senior Tutor (Dr Myfanwy Hill)
  • First Bursar (Dr Ivan Collister)
  • Research Fellowship Managers (Professor Gillian Griffiths  and Dr David Good) as ex officio members.

The remaining members are elected each year at Annual Congregation.

The Research Committee sets the research policy for the College and is responsible for the running of the Research Fellowship competitions.

The Committee is always happy to receive suggestions for workshops, conferences and linked seminars from Fellows of the College, as well as proposals for Research Fellowship competitions. These should be directed in the first instance to Professor Gillian Griffiths (Sciences) or Dr David Good (Humanities).

Life Fellow
Professorial Fellow
Professorial Fellow, Vice-Provost
Dr Myfanwy Hill
Ordinary Fellow, Senior Tutor

Research News


E-Lab College Research Associates receive #21toWatch awards

Nadia Mohd-Radzman and Ismail Sami were crowned in the “People” and “Thing” categories, respectively, and were selected from a shortlist of 40 out of 301 applications.


HERA study of women’s reproductive health receives Wellcome award

Recent research co-led by Professor John Perry has identified genetic risk factors for a range of conditions, including polycystic ovary syndrome, premature ovarian ageing and fertility. 


Ashley Moffett to receive honorary doctorate at Karolinska Institutet

Professor Moffett is to be honoured with a doctorate by the Karolinska Institutet for a lifetime of research. The formal ceremony will take place in Stockholm on 26 April.