Graduate Fees

The cost of studying at the University of Cambridge is broken down into two areas: the University Composition Fee which covers the cost of your education and your College membership, and Maintenance, the estimated minimum cost of living during your time at the University. These, along with any additional costs, make up the minimum financial commitment you will be required to demonstrate before you can be admitted to the University. A number of general and course-specific funding opportunities exist to help you meet this commitment.


University and College Fees

Graduate students are required to pay a University Composition Fee (UCF). This is the fee levied for teaching, supervision, student support and the facilities you will receive and have access to from the University and your College.

Proof of funding for the cost of your course needs to be in place before you start your course. You are therefore strongly advised to apply to all available sources of funding available to you as soon as possible. For more information about course costs, fees, and funding opportunities, please see the links below.

Other Costs

Before you are admitted to study at the University, you will be provided with an estimate of the absolute minimum of your likely basic living costs and personal expenses. Your maintenance sum is budgeted to cover rent/accommodation, food, domestic bills, books, travel around Cambridge, personal computer equipment etc. and we will require evidence that you can cover these expenses.


Should you wish to live in College accommodation, King's is able to guarantee a room to all graduate students for at least one year. The rent for College rooms, including heating and electricity, ranges from £1,775.70 to £2,715.34 per quarter, depending on the room.


All graduate students have access to College dining facilities, where you can buy cafeteria-style meals three times a day. A typical one-course meal is in the range £4-£6. Students who live in College-owned accommodation pay a Catering Charge per term, included in the termly rent shown above.


Transport costs in Cambridge are minimal, as the city is small enough to walk or cycle.


There are a total of 149 libraries across the university, and a very well-stocked library in King's. Specialist study needs are catered for in departmental libraries and in the main University Library. With so many libraries available, you shouldn’t have to buy many books for your course.


Excellent computer facilities are available in King’s, with free internet access. Most current students choose to have their own computers, with high-speed internet access available in student rooms and wifi in the Bar and Coffee Shop.


How much you spend on socialising is your choice, but it is worth noting that, as many social events are College-based and student-run, they do not cost very much. You'll also find discounted prices at the King's Bar.

Clubs and Societies

King's has a range of facilities to support all sorts of activities, from art, music and photography, to a wide variety of sports. These activities are all available free or at a very reduced rate to current students.


Additional provision for accompanying dependants should be made in accordance with the figures in the maintenance calculator (see the link below). These figures are minimum amounts per academic year, with no reduction offered for a shorter course.


The cost of childcare in Cambridge is extremely high. Full-time nursery care for pre-school children costs up to £10,000 per child per year, and after-school clubs for children of school age cost up to £2,000 per child per year.

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