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Access Restrictions

At a Vote of Council on 9 October 1998, it was agreed that on arrival in the College Archives, the following closure periods for sensitive records would be applied:

  • 30 years from date of creation for general administrative files (including building project files, subject and correspondence files), legal records and financial records
  • 50 years from date of creation for Governmental records (including minutes and papers of Council, Congregration, and Committees)
  • 100 years from date of creation for personnel and personal records (including Tutorial files, staff and Fellows appointment files, personal financial records, and pensions).

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives you certain rights to access to information in these files but you must specify exactly what you want to see in order to fit within the time limit restrictions allowed under the Act, and you may incur charges for photocopies. Contact the archivists for further information.

letter with Chapel in the background
letter with Chapel in the background

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