Said Reza Huseini

Reza Huseini
Mr Said Reza Huseini
Research Fellow

Selected Publications:

Said Reza Huseini, “Between the Arabs and the Turks: Household, Conversion and Power Dynamics in early Islamic Bactria (700–772 CE),” in The Ties that Bind: Mechanisms of Social Dependency in the Early Islamic Empire, ed. Petra M. Sijpesteijn and Edmund Hayes (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming).

Said Reza Huseini, “The Rebellion of Ḥārith b. Surayj (116–128/734–746): A Local Perspective,” Al-ʿUṣur al-wusṭā, Special Issue (forthcoming 2022).  

Said Reza Huseini, “Thinking in Arabic, writing in Sogdian: Arab Sogdian Diplomatic Relation in the early eighth-century,” in From the Ruler of Samarqand to the Andalusian “Law of the Muslims”: Sogdian, Greek and Arabic Documents and Manuscripts from the Islamicate World and Beyond, ed. Andreas Kaplony and Matt Malczycki (Leiden: Brill, 2022).

Jos Gommans and Said Reza Huseini, “Neoplatonic Kingship in the Islamic World: Akbar’s Millennial History,” in Sacred Kingship in World History: Between Immanence and Transcendence, ed. Azfar Moin and Alan Strathern (Columbia University Press, 2022), 192-222.

Jos Gommans and Said Reza Huseini, “Neoplatonism and the Pax Mongolica in the Making of ul-i Kull: A View from Akbar’s Millennial History,” Modern Asian Studies 56 (2022): 870-901.

Said Reza Huseini, “The Muqaddam Represented in the pre-Mongol Persian Documents from Ghur,” AFGHANISTAN vol. 4, no. 2 (2021): 91–113.

Said Reza Huseini, “Acts of Protection represented in Bactrian Documents,” Annales Islamologiques 54, Special Issue on Acts of Protection in Early Islamicate Societies (2021), 107–124.

Said Reza Huseini, “Medieval Tibet in Perso-Islamic Sources,” Journal of Himalayan and Central Asian Studies 18, no. 4, CHINA SPECIAL (2013): 251-283.

Said Reza Huseini, “Destruction of Bamiyan Buddha: Taliban Iconoclasm and Hazara Response,” Journal of Himalayan and Central Asian Studies 16, no. 2, BAMIYAN SPECIAL (2012): 15-50.










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