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Student Perspectives

What is it really like to study at King's? We asked King's undergraduates to discuss their course and options, the teaching and workload, life in the College, what they do outside their studies, and how they found the application process. The links below give detailed and individual experiences of specific courses, but they are worth reading if you're interested in other courses too: they give a range of views about general aspects of being part of the King's community and how things work. For example, you might be wondering what students say about...

  • Starting at King's

  • College families

  • The social life in College

  • Whether there's enough time to relax and do non-academic things

  • The kinds of things you can do in your spare time

  • What they do in the vacations

  • Favourite memories

You'll also find that the students writing have different interests and personalities, and that they've applied from lots of different places. So whether you're wondering about applying from rural Lincolnshire, Ohio, Lancashire, Hackney, Hounslow, Sweden, Devon, Bromley or Darlington (to give a few examples), this may also be interesting!


Our Students

Sophia is from Singapore. She studied for A Levels, and is studying Economics from 2021-2024.
Giselle is from Wye in Kent, she studied for A Levels in German, English Literature, History and completed the Extended Project Qualification. She is studying Classics from 2018 to 2022.
Josh is from Portsmorth. They studied for A Levels, and studied MML from 2018-2022.
Rebekka is from Zurich in Switzerland. She studied for the Swiss Matura, and studied Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic from 2015-18.
Will is from Lewisham and studied Economics here at King's from 2013-16. He took A-levels in Maths, Further Maths, Economics and History.
Fraser is from Market Bosworth and studies Engineering. He did his A-levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry.
Shreeja studied Engineering at King's from 2013-17, specialising in Mechanical Engineering. She is from Hounslow in West London.
Adam is from Ferndown in Dorset and studied Geography from 2015-18. He did his A-levels in Geography, History and Religious Studies.
Nina is Austrian and Nigerian and applied from Vienna, where she took the IB. She studied Geography at King's from 2015-18.
Abdulla is from Bromley and studied History at King's from 2015-18. He did the IB with European History, English and Chemistry at Higher Level.
Hannah is from Durham and studied History from 2014-17. She did A-levels in History, English Literature and Religious Studies.
Joel is from Sutton Coldfield and studied History from 2015-18. He did his A-levels in History, English Literature and Government & Politics.
Eleni is from Nicosia in Cyprus and studied HSPS at King's from 2013-16, specialising in Politics and International Relations.
Ellen is from Norfolk, and studied Maths at King's from 2014-18. She did her A levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry.
Juan is from Vaud in Switzerland and studied Politics and Political Philosophy here at King's, from 2008-11.
Mie is from Madrid, where she took both the IB and Spanish Titulo de Bachiller. She studied Natural Sciences at King's from 2014-18.
Tom grew up in Lincolnshire and studied an undergraduate degree in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic from 2012-15.
Mica is from Bury in Greater Manchester and studied Philosophy at King's from 2015-18. She did A-levels in English, Maths and Further Maths.
Joanna is from Oxford, and took A-levels in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths. She studied Natural Sciences at King's from 2015-18.
Alice is from Skipton in North Yorkshire and studied Music at King's from 2013-16. She took a mix of A-levels and Scottish Advanced Highers.
George is from South London and studied Medicine at King’s from 2010. He took A-levels in Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Physics.
Ellen is from Worthing and studied Modern and Medieval Languages at King's from 2014-18, specialising in French and Spanish.
Karolina is from Bubeneč in the Czech Republic and studied Linguistics here at King's from 2015-18.
Nick is from Bedford, and specialised in Social Anthropology at King's as an undergraduate from 2006-09 before taking an MPhil and PhD.
Ceylon is from Bedfordshire, and studied HSPS at King's from 2014-17, specialising in Politics and International Relations, and Sociology.

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