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Calculating women

The Cambridge Colleges have long recognised the under-representation of females in STEM subjects. Gender stereotypes and the lack of female role models are only two prominent factors that lie behind this problem, shaping student-subject choices early on in students’ academic careers, and closing off options to them when it comes to applying to University. The Cambridge Colleges have acknowledged and addressed this phenomenon in various forms, ranging from taster sessions, over essay competitions and online academic attainment programmes all the way to multiple day residential programmes. Some of these programmes, especially the multi-intervention and high intensity programmes, are aimed specifically at female students, and are aimed, at least in part, to encourage females to consider pursuing STEM subjects in school, and at University.

At King’s, while the under-representation of women in STEM subjects generally continues to be a concern, the problem manifests more acutely in subjects involving a heavy maths-component: Engineering, Computer Science, and Maths. Interestingly, these subjects share common themes of puzzles and problem solving, rooted in mathematical concepts. Not only can honing these skills and creating a strong foundation in mathematics prepare students to study these STEM subjects at degree level, it also prepares them for a diverse job market, with an increasing importance of interdisciplinary technological understanding. 

The aim of our online taster series is to showcase the importance of mathematical skills in the preparation for applying to degree courses at Cambridge, but also other competitive Universities. Additionally we want to raise awareness of the diverse career opportunities that are available for graduates of these subjects and aim to emphasise that success in these disciplines is not limited by gender. 


Provisional Programme 

30 April, 5pm - 6pm: Welcome and first subject session

7 May, 5pm - 6pm: second subject session

14 May, 5pm - 6pm: third subject session

21 May, 5pm - 6pm: fourth subject session and round up


Eligibility criteria

This programme is open to female Year 12/13 students who are studying at least one of Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Computing at A level, IB Higher Level or Advanced Highers, with predictions to achieve at least B/6.  In case of over subscription, priority will be given to students who are are care experienced, eligible for free school meals, or are from our link area.


Register your interest 

The taster series is still in planning phase. You can register your interest here and we will let you know when sign-up for this opens. 

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