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Student Perspective: Josh

Josh is from Portsmorth. They studied for A Levels, and studied MMLL from 2018-2022.

What attracted you to your course?

I love languages, I wanted to go to the best Uni, Cambridge has a reputation for being the best at MMLL, ergo...

What is King's like?

Amazing! Beautiful, friendly, left-wing, complicated, big, good food, fascinating and intelligent people, exhausting, stressful, full of life, anti-useless traditions, active, socially diverse, the best college!

What happens when you're new?

You are inundated with stuff, you struggle your way through it, you make lots of friends, and you learn every second of the day.

Were there things that you were worried about before you arrived?

Yes, I wondered whether it would suit me. Would I be happy? Were the people any fun at all? All were fine in the end.

And what about the academic aspects?

Would I be good enough? Dedicated enough? What if I failed?

What advice do you have for people thinking of applying for your subject?

Really get stuck into your subject first. Check that it's exactly what you want. 

What advice would you give about the interview?

Relax! You will react better if you put less pressure on yourself. The same advice stands for when you get here.

What's the course like?

Fascinating, tough, never-ending, inexhaustible, infinite, detailed, seldom boring, varied, and open-ended.

What are supervisions like?

The absolute best, you sit with some crazy intelligent people and generally they're nice and you have a natter where hopefully you feel inspired afterwards to do another week's reading on the topic!

What do you enjoy doing when you're not working?

Life! Everything from Capoeira to Samba band to climbing and hockey and swimming to going out, partying, exploring Cambridge, punting, running, getting stuck into protests and activism, artwork, dating, etc. 

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