Open Days 16 and 17 September 2021

We will be participating in the September Open Days (16 and 17 September 2021) and more information about individual sessions can be found below in due course.

Welcome to King's!

Welcome to the Open Days at King's College Cambridge!

Our Admissions Tutor, Dr Zoe Adams, has recorded a welcome to King's and explanation of Cambridge video. It gives an overview of how the collegiate system works and what studying at Cambridge and King's is like. This is a presentation for prospective students lasting 30 minutes and we hope that you will find it helpful.

What's on at King's?

Over two days, applicants were able attend some King's college specific sessions on 16th and 17th September and access to our videos etc will be available before and after this. Our live sessions are aimed at Year 13 students who are planning to apply to University in October 2021 for entry in 2022 or deferred entry in 2023. You can expect: 

Welcome to King's and Q&A with King's College Admissions Tutor - Meet with one of our Admissions Tutors as they introduce you to King's college and answer any admissions questions you might have. We have provided a recording of this session below. 

Virtual tour of King's and Q&A with current undergraduate students You can meet some of our current undergraduate students who will introduce you to some of the facilities at King's and answer any student life questions you might have.

Q&A with Director of studies (subject to availability) -  We have confirmed subject sessions for Economics, Computer Science and Engineering. 

Information and Q&A for parents, guardians and supporters of prospective students -  We're offering this sessions specifically for parents, guardians and supporters of prospective students to give you some tips about how to support your young person with their application and provide an opportunity to ask questions you may have about King's and the application process at Cambridge. If you have very specific questions about an individual application, we would recommend using the drop-in 1-1 sessions.    

Teachers, parents and carers of Year 13 students are welcome to attend the other sessions above as well!  We have put the registration forms for most sessions online below. Please don't book on more than one of the virtual tours. These will all be the same and we want to make sure lots of people can take part. If we get oversubscribed, we may delete double bookings. 


Virtual tours of the college

If you can't attend one of our guided virtual tours during the Open Days (see details above), you can still have a look around the college grounds, our library and the famous King's College, Chapel.   

The Library is normally closed to the public but this virtual tour will give you a sense of its appearance and different rooms.
Take a virtual tour of the College grounds and explore King's from the Front Gate to the River Cam and Fellows' Garden.
Use the 'Navigate the Chapel' button in the top left of the tour to choose a different viewing point in the Chapel.

Subjects at King's

Do you want to find more about the subjects you can study at King's? See some of the subject videos below and have a look at our subject pages. 

Find out more about choosing your subject and see the full list of the courses available to study at King's, from Anglo-Saxon to Theology.

Making a competitive application - useful resources

When you are thinking about making an application to University, it's usually best to start looking at the courses you want to apply to, to find out about the content and structure of the course.  You can find more information about the subjects offered at King's below. 

Once you know which subject you want to apply for, it's important to develop further knowledge in your subject. Successful applicants have engaged with their subject beyond the school curriculum in a variety of ways. There is no perfect formula for this, your academic journey is as individual as you are. If you are still at the beginning of this or are not sure how to continue, we have collected some resources for super-curricular engagement, that will hopefully be useful for you!

Start reading about the application process early enough! Cambridge has an earlier application deadline than other Universities and we also have some additional forms you have to fill in, as well as pre-interview assessments you may have to register for (depending on your subject). Especially if you are applying with limited support, it can be useful to get in touch with a college admissions office by email early on. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have!

Find out more about choosing your subject and see the full list of the courses available to study at King's, from Anglo-Saxon to Theology.
We encourage all prospective applicants to pursue their interests beyond the standard school curriculum.
Thinking of applying to King's? See here for a breakdown of the process, from submitting your UCAS application to receiving your offer.
Not all applicants have access to clear or accurate advice about applying to Cambridge - find out about how we can help.