George the Poet sweeps the board at the British Podcast Awards

Spoken word performer George the Poet's eight-part series Have You Heard George’s Podcast? has won the Audioboom Podcast of the Year, plus four other gold awards, including Best Arts & Culture and Smartest Podcast, and two silver medals at the British Podcast Awards.

King's alumnus George (KC 2010) said the podcasts, which are a fusion of poetry, music and philosophy, and cover topics such as the Grenfell Tower fire, inner-city poverty, and the connection between music and crime, were started "to give young people a way to rethink their situation".

The panel of fifty judges, chaired by broadcaster Miranda Sawyer, commented:

"This podcast captures a unique and powerful voice and views which are so often missing from mainstream media. Using arresting poetry to tackle big issues head on, each episode is a rich and mesmerising performance."

To listen to the podcast, see George's website or listen via Soundcloud.

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