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King's College Additional Studentships

At King's, we are fortunate to have some additional funds available, to support a small number of applicants, based on a variety of criteria.

The exact amounts of any studentships can vary, from a few thousand pounds, to full funding.

Studentships are available for both PhD and Masters students. Most studentships are for full-time students, although part-time students can be considered in exceptional cases.

How to Apply

The information shown below is for students who will be applying to commence studies in 2024/25. This page will be updated in September 2024 for 2025/26 applicants.

All applicants to the University of Cambridge, who are offered a place at King's College, can be considered for these studentships.

For applications before 5th January 2024: During your course application process, please indicate that you wish to apply for funding. If you may be eligible, you will be presented with information, through the portal, in order to apply for these studentships. 

For applications received between 5th January 2024 and 31st March 2024: 

If you are submitting your course application after the course funding deadlines, you may still be considered for these particular studentships if you are subsequently offered a place at King's during the dates above. Please follow these steps, in order to apply:

1. Wait for confirmation that you have been offered a place at King's College.

2. Email: graduate.admissions@kings.cam.ac.uk with the following sentence: "I have been offered a place at King's College for the 24/25 academic year - please send me the application form to apply for a King's studentship."

3. Complete the form that will be emailed to you and return it before the closing date of 31st March 2024.

For applications received from 1st April 2024: 

Unfortunately, it will not be possible for you to be considered for these studentships for your course.


Successful applicants will be contacted in the period from May to July 2024.

If you have any queries about these Studentships, please email: graduate.admissions@kings.cam.ac.uk

Deadline for consideration: 31st March 2024

Studentship Feedback

Towards the end of their time in Cambridge, the holders of the studentships will be expected to submit a brief report on their academic work, describe their experience at King’s and indicate their intentions for the future.

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