Fielder Scholarship

The Fielder Scholarship was established by the Will of the late Mrs Laura Mary Fielder in 1908, when she left £3,000 to King’s College for students “with a proficiency in the ancient Greek language”. Mrs Fielder’s connection to the College is unknown, but she felt strongly that an understanding of Greek was necessary for study of Holy Scripture, and wished to preserve scholarship in the language.

Revised in 2020, this award is now a graduate Studentship which offers a grant of up to £12,000 for a MPhil student in Classics, who wishes to include Ancient Greek (including Koine) in their studies. Students of History or Theology with the same interest and ability in Greek may be considered if no candidate in Classics presents themselves in any given year. Proficiency in Ancient Greek will be a qualifying criterion


How to Apply

All applicants to the University of Cambridge to study an MPhil in Classics, History or Theology, whose research project falls within the remit of the Scholarship, are considered for this award. Any candidate offered the Scholarship who has not applied to King’s must be willing to transfer to King’s to take up the award.

For further information about the Scholarship and about applying for graduate study in Cambridge, please email

Scholarship Feedback

Towards the end of their time in Cambridge the holder of the Scholarship will be expected to submit a brief report on their academic work, describe their experience at King’s and indicate their intentions for the future.

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