Quantedge Foundation launches scholarship for refugee students

Credit: Martin Bond

A new scholarship from the Quantedge Foundation will offer refugee students the opportunity to study for an MPhil at King's. The Quantedge-Cambridge Refugee Masters Scholarship will enable students who have been granted refugee status in the UK to acquire the perspectives, skills and experiences to become positive contributors to their communities and society at large.

The scholarship offers a full funding package that covers University tuition fees and living costs for the period of study, for any one-year MPhil course eligible at King's. It will be awarded annually from the start of the 2021/22 Cambridge academic year.

Professor Michael Proctor, Provost of King’s, said:

King's has always prided itself on welcoming, supporting and enabling as many of the best students as possible from all backgrounds and from all parts of the world, and on being an open, diverse and inclusive community. The Quantedge-Cambridge Refugee Masters Scholarship will help in the building of a more hopeful future not only for the student themselves, but also for their communities, and we greatly welcome this initiative.

The newly-established scholarship supports the Cambridge Refugee Scholarship Campaign (CRSC), a student-led initiative founded in response to the devastating impact that ongoing refugee crises around the world have on the education of refugee students. Jacqueline Cho for the Cambridge Refugee Scholarship Campaign (CRSC), said:

The Cambridge Refugee Scholarship Campaign is a student-led campaign that has been working to improve access to higher education for those from backgrounds of instability or conflict since 2017. It has two main purposes: to raise awareness of opportunities for potential applicants to study at Cambridge, and provide a space for community and friendship for scholars with backgrounds of forced displacement to share their experiences and flourish together. We warmly welcome the establishment of the King’s College MPhil.

About Quantedge Foundation

Quantedge Foundation is a philanthropic foundation, established by the principals of Quantedge Capital, that aims to deliver impactful solutions to a broad range of social issues and challenges. The Foundation believes that every child or youth should have an equal opportunity to succeed, and one of its key objectives is to enable social mobility through education.  It works with partner organisations to design and support programmes that alleviate unfavourable starting conditions in life and expand the opportunity set for underprivileged children, as a pathway to lifting them and their families out of inter-generational poverty and achieving upward social mobility.

Mr Suhaimi Zainul-Abidin, CEO of Quantedge Capital, said

This Masters Scholarship is part of our continuing effort to expand equalised access to quality education, not just in Singapore but also globally. Displaced students from conflict-affected areas such as Syria, Iran, Eritrea, Sudan and Afghanistan, should not view quality higher education as an unattainable luxury, but rather an achievable, accessible and important pursuit that will enrich their lives and allow them to contribute positively to their communities.

For more information about Quantedge, please visit the company website.

Available to support MPhil students with ‘refugee status’ in the UK, or who have formerly held refugee status, or who are from an area of instability/conflict.
We must be able to recruit and support the world’s best minds by offering the necessary funding that our extraordinary candidates deserve.

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