Mark Gross elected Fellow of Royal Society

Professor Mark Gross FRS

We congratulate Professor Mark Gross FRS, who joined the College as Fellow in Mathematics in 2016, on his election as Fellow of the Royal Society on 5 May 2017. Professor Mark Gross is a pure mathematician specializing in mirror symmetry, which had its origins in string theory in the late 1980s. Mirror symmetry began with an observation that two very different geometric calculations gave the same result, leading to astonishing mathematical predictions entailing the equality of mathematically disparate objects. Since then, the quest to understand this mysterious correspondence has led to significant growth in a variety of different flavours of geometry. Working with Bernd Siebert, Gross has developed a program for studying mirror symmetry within algebraic geometry. This program has now had impact far beyond its original remit, and was recognized by an invitation to the International Congress of Mathematicians in 2014 and the Clay Research Award in 2016. Fellows of the Royal Society are chosen for their outstanding contributions to science. The 50 newly-elected Fellows join a list of scientists, engineers and technologists from the UK and Commonwealth. Past Fellows and Foreign Members have included Newton, Darwin and Einstein. Source: Royal Society profile Department webpage: Professor Mark Gross, Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics Full article: Cambridge academics announced as Fellows of the Royal Society

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