Preserving the Chapel

King's College Chapel is the most famous and recognisable building in Cambridge, and is of national and international significance. A uniquely inspiring setting for daily worship, it is also the home of one of the world's most renowned and best-loved choirs, whose distinctive sound is shaped by the Chapel’s unique acoustics and organ.

The Chapel dates back to 1446, and possesses the largest fan vaulted stone ceiling in the world, unique intricate carvings, an impressive screen and some of the most exquisite medieval painted and stained glass windows surviving in the country.

There is an ongoing programme of conservation and maintenance, as well as larger scale needs that are identified in regular conservation management reports. While the main structure of the Chapel is sound, there are cleaning and repairs necessary to the interior and exterior stone and woodwork, and to the medieval stained glass. In 2023 the College completed work on a year-long conservation of the Chapel roof, and was able during this process to install photovoltaic (PV) panels as part of the College’s strategy to decarbonise its operations by 2038.

A gift to the Chapel Foundation Fund helps us to maintain the daily life of the Chapel, conserve and repair its fabric, glass, organ and furnishings and preserve and protect this extraordinary building for generations to come.

We are in the presence of something magical, something sublime
George Santayana (KC 1896)

Your support helps to fund the education of our choristers, as well as supporting the Choir's concerts, tours and recordings.
To mark the outstanding career of Sir Stephen Cleobury, we wish to permanently endow the Director of Music position at King's.
As well as preserving many rare treasures, the Library and Archives together serve the needs of students and senior members of the College.
The site of inspiring supervisions and nerve-wracking interviews, the Gibbs Building is in urgent need of repair and renovation.

Members and Friends News


The Telephone Fundraising Campaign begins today

From today and until 22 April, a team of 13 student callers will be reaching out to alumni across the world and asking them to support our Supplementary Exhibition Fund and other College initiatives.


Gibbs Building marks 300th anniversary

The iconic building has been the venue for countless student supervisions and nerve-wracking admissions interviews, and continues to be where many King’s Fellows research and teach.


E-Lab College Research Associates receive #21toWatch awards

Nadia Mohd-Radzman and Ismail Sami were crowned in the “People” and “Thing” categories, respectively, and were selected from a shortlist of 40 out of 301 applications.

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