Making a Gift

King’s would not exist without the generous philanthropy of people over the centuries who wanted to make a difference, and today it plays a vital role in the continuation of the College and its ability to offer a world-class educational experience, as well as an array of extra-curricular opportunities.

The participation of the broader King's community is incredibly important and we are enormously grateful for gifts of all sizes. Your donations have a direct impact on the College's desire to see that no student should have to forsake their studies, and that no prospective and qualified student should be discouraged from applying, for financial reasons. Every gift matters, and it is only by coming together that we will achieve our aims.


How to Get Involved

We are seeking support for a wide range of initiatives and activities which support our students financially and enrich the broader life of the College, as well as projects which protect and enhance the physical fabric of our buildings and spaces, including our world-famous Chapel.

We must be at the forefront of providing equality of access to all who could thrive here, and equality of opportunity to our remarkable students once they have arrived. We must be a catalyst for change – as we have been so often throughout our history - and we must ensure that our College is equipped to continue to be a leading environment for learning, where great minds collaborate for the benefit of all.

There are many ways of being involved and we are incredibly grateful to everyone who has already given so much, whether of your time, your engagement or your financial support. Everything counts, and we invite you to find out more about how you can be part of the making of the next chapter of King’s history.

Donations to the College can be made as a one-off gift or regular donation; as a gift of shares, land, buildings or possessions; or as a bequest in a will.
Legacy giving represents an easy and tax-efficient means of making a future gift to King’s - find out more here.
Alumni are encouraged to stay involved with the life of the College however they can, and many generously donate their time and expertise.

Make an Unrestricted Gift

The Future Fund places no restrictions on the use of a donation and allows us to distribute the gift to the area of greatest need, be it student support, our access programme, the College's infrastructure, or the Chapel and Choir. In this way the Fund allows the College the flexibility to both address any immediate need (particularly in areas that do not typically attract donations), but also the potential to invest these donations into the general endowment and boost the future income of the College in perpetuity.


Our £100 million fundraising campaign to radically transform access to a Cambridge education for socially and economically disadvantaged students.
The College grounds are currently closed to alumni but the Chapel is open to visitors with a timed ticket.
Stay connected with the College by updating your details and getting in contact with long-lost contemporaries.

Members and Friends News


The Telephone Fundraising Campaign begins today

From today and until 22 April, a team of 13 student callers will be reaching out to alumni across the world and asking them to support our Supplementary Exhibition Fund and other College initiatives.


Gibbs Building marks 300th anniversary

The iconic building has been the venue for countless student supervisions and nerve-wracking admissions interviews, and continues to be where many King’s Fellows research and teach.


E-Lab College Research Associates receive #21toWatch awards

Nadia Mohd-Radzman and Ismail Sami were crowned in the “People” and “Thing” categories, respectively, and were selected from a shortlist of 40 out of 301 applications.

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