Taking A-Levels?

We welcome applications from students taking A levels, whether you are taking them inside or outside the UK.


Entrance Requirements

A Level candidates need to have achieved or be predicted to achieve our standard A Level offer. The grades required depend on the course you apply for:

The standard A Level offer is A*, A*, and A for Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine, and Natural Sciences. In addition to A Levels, candidates for Maths must take STEP papers.

The standard A Level offer is A*, A, and A for all other courses. This applies to Anglo Saxon, Norse and Celtic; Architecture; Asian and Middle Eastern Studies; Classics; English; Geography; History; History and Modern Languages; History and Politics; History of Art; Human, Social and Political Sciences (HSPS); Law; Linguistics; Modern and Medieval Languages; Music; Philosophy; Psychological and Behavioural Sciences (PBS); and Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion.

You will also need to be taking suitable subjects for your chosen course. See the relevant subject page for more information.

The subject choices that you make at school can have a significant impact on the course options available to you at University - find out more.
Students who apply for Mathematics are normally asked to sit STEP Papers.

What Will I Need to Provide?

If you have not taken the following qualifications in the last three years, then you will need to send a transcript as part of your application:

  • six or more GCSEs or IGCSEs

  • five or more Scottish National Qualifications

The transcript can be submitted electronically via the SAQ form (for students at school in the UK / European Union) or the COPA form (students at school outside the EU).

If UMS scores are available for some or all of the AS / A level qualifications you are taking then you will be asked for these in the SAQ (or the COPA if you are applying from outside the EU). If you do not have UMS marks then your teachers will be required to comment on your progress as part of your UCAS reference. Their comments may include the results of internal school exams in the reference, if appropriate.

When assessing applications, we look at grades and scores in the context of the whole of your application and assess you on your academic potential for your chosen course.

Thinking of applying to King's? See here for a breakdown of the process, from submitting your UCAS application to receiving your offer.
Some applicants will need to send us a transcript of their academic qualifications - find out more here.

International Students

An A-Level is normally a two-year course in an individual subject. Students in the UK take their A-Level exams at the end of Year 13 (the final year of school), and we make offers on the basis of three A-Level subjects, not including General Studies or Critical Thinking. Lots of students take A-Levels outside the UK and this is especially useful to do if your local qualifications are not listed among our standard Entrance Requirements. Students who take A-Levels outside the UK normally use the CIE exam board. We advise you to contact your local branch of the British Council to find out where you can do this.

Applying as an overseas student? Find out more about the application process and why studying at King's might be for you!
Whether you're studying A-Level, the IB, or any other qualification, find out what our standard requirements are here.

Student Perspectives

A-levels are the most common qualifications that students study to get into UK universities. Accounts by students who took A-levels before studying at King's include:

Hannah is from Durham and studied History from 2014-17. She did A-levels in History, English Literature and Religious Studies.
Will is from Lewisham and studied Economics here at King's from 2013-16. He took A-levels in Maths, Further Maths, Economics and History.
Joanna is from Oxford, and took A-levels in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths. She studied Natural Sciences at King's from 2015-18.
Ellen is from Worthing and studied Modern and Medieval Languages at King's from 2014-18, specialising in French and Spanish.
Ceylon is from Bedfordshire, and studied HSPS at King's from 2014-17, specialising in Politics and International Relations, and Sociology.
Fraser is from Market Bosworth and studies Engineering. He did his A-levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry.
Eleni is from Nicosia in Cyprus and studied HSPS at King's from 2013-16, specialising in Politics and International Relations.
Ellen is from Norfolk, and studied Maths at King's from 2014-18. She did her A levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

Further Information

Further information about A levels is available on the exam board websites.

We normally have a good number of applicants who are taking the IB each year.
The subject choices that you make at school can have a significant impact on the course options available to you at University - find out more.

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