AI pioneer gives E-Lab talk

Geoffrey Hinton in Alan Turing's old room in X staircase. Image: Nick Saffell

Alumnus Geoffrey Hinton (KC 1967) returned to King's last week to talk to the King's E-Lab about the future of artificial intelligence, a field in which he has played a seminal role. Earlier this month, Geoffrey announced his resignation from Google, where he had been doing work on machine learning, citing his fears about where AI technology was heading.

During Geoffrey's visit he was shown the College's archival collections related to Alan Turing, including a recently-acquired letter sent to his Bletchley Park colleague Rolf Noskwith, and Turing's old room on X Staircase in Bodley's Court. By a quirk of fate, Geoffrey lived on the same staircase during his time at King's, in the room opposite computer scientist Leslie Valiant (KC 1967); both have since been awarded the prestigious Turing Award!

A recording of Geoffrey's talk can be found on YouTube.

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