Statement from the Provost

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We have listened to, and read, the many views that have been shared about the updated signage on Grantchester Meadows regarding access to the river for swimming and other leisure activities. This signage was installed in consultation with local authorities and nearby residents. Nevertheless, we recognise that the restrictions added to the signage would adversely and unfairly affect the many conscientious users of the river. It is our sincere wish to enable safe access to the river while fulfilling the College's responsibility (both legal and moral) to try to deter dangerous, antisocial, or environmentally harmful behaviour, and to safeguard the Meadows for future generations. We will be proactively engaging with both County Council and City Council in order to constructively address the issues of safety, liability, litter, and riverbank erosion, and hope to secure their co-operation to quickly find a solution for the benefit of all.

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