Teaching and Research

King's not only welcomes brilliant and enquiring students, but also nurtures the young academics and teachers of the future – providing time, space and the right environment for our brightest young thinkers to flourish.

Funding in this area helps maintain the supervision system, the great strength of the teaching system at Cambridge, while allowing academics of all levels to produce world-class research alongside their teaching commitments.

To me King’s was one long, invigorating conversation

Zadie Smith (KC 1994)

Research and Teaching Fellowships

Undergraduate teaching at Cambridge offers a depth of detail and analysis often more like that found at PhD level. The Collegiate supervision system – teaching undergraduates as individuals or in small groups – is at the heart of a Cambridge education. But it is expensive, and needs continual reinvestment. The income from student fees is capped by the UK Government and does not cover the College’s core teaching expenditure.  We can only bridge the gap and maintain this key pillar of King’s with your help.


Research Fellowships

Research Fellowships bring a breadth of world-class experience to the College and strengthen our research. Research Fellowships support gifted young researchers, usually for four year terms. They are generally appointed within two years of the award of a doctorate and give the holders an opportunity to establish their career before moving on to become academics, teachers and independent researchers.

By investing in Fellowships, King’s is able to deliver on its educational purpose, ensure academic excellence and continue to provide a transformational educational experience for every student. Your gift will help us attract more of the most brilliant young researchers and world-leading academics to King’s and continue to provide teaching of the highest standard.


College Teaching Officers (CTOs)

Alongside Fellows who direct studies or supervise undergraduates and often also hold University posts, King’s also employs College Teaching Officers (CTOs) whose salaries are paid entirely by the College, to supervise and direct studies in subjects where demand exceeds the supply of academics within University positions. They are an essential part of the teaching provided by the College and key to supporting and maintaining our teaching excellence.



College Research Associates (CRAs)

College Research Associates (CRAs) greatly enhance the research strengths of the College. They are postdoc researchers already employed by the University, and who take an active role within the College, including the communication of research and interacting with the Fellowship and graduate students. The College appoints up to six College Research Associates each year for two years and would like to sustain and grow this programme.




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