Silk Roads Programme Team

Silk Roads Programme Team

  • David Good
    Director of the Silk Roads Programme
    David Good_Silk Roads
  • Edward Zychowicz-Coghill
    Research Fellow (2020-2022)
    Edward Zychowicz-Coghill- Junior Research Fellow
  • Katie Campbell
    Research Fellow
    Katie Campbell- Junior Research Fellow
  • Said Reza Huseini
    Research Fellow
    Said Reza Huseini
  • Francesco Bianchini
    Research Fellow
    Francesco Bianchini
  • Peter Frankopan
    Associate Director of the Silk Roads Programme
    Peter Frankopan - Associate Director of the Silk Roads Programme
  • Angus Russell
    Research Fellow
    Angus Russell
  • Anahita Arian
    Research Associate
    Dr. Anahita Arian
  • Ayur Zhanaev
    PhD student
    Ayur Zhanaev

Silk Roads Research Affiliates

Name Role Department Web Address
Daniel Fuks Newton Postdoctoral Fellow Archaeology
Angus Russell Research Fellow
Caroline Humphrey Director of Research, Emerita Professor of Collaborative Anthropology Social Anthropology
Clive Oppenheimer Professor of Volcanology Geography
David Abulafia Emeritus Professor of Mediterranean History History
Firuza Melville Director of Research Centre for Persian Studies
Maria Gajewska PhD Student Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Peter Sarris Professor of Late Antique, Medieval and Byzantine Studies History
Prajakti Kalra Affiliated Lecturer Development Studies
Sally Church Affiliated Researcher Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Valentina Grasso PhD Student Divinity

Silk Roads Programme News

Silk Roads Programme Events

Everyone is very welcome to join and participate in the events hosted by the King's...

Silk Roads Programme News


New Research Fellow to join Silk Roads Programme

A third Research Fellow has been appointed to the Silk Roads Programme at King’s.


The new Silk Roads PhD Studentship is open to applicants

This studentship will provide funding for up to 4 years to pursue research on some...


Peter Frankopan appointed as Associate Director of King’s Silk Roads Programme

King’s is delighted that Peter Frankopan, the foremost expert on the Silk Roads in the...

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