The Alan Turing at King's Initiative

Turing’s highly influential contributions to mathematics were, and still are, of great consequence within the discipline and beyond. Their relevance can be seen in many fields, from mathematical biology to computer science to psychology. Visionary donors are sought to support the Alan Turing at King’s Initiative through a number of exciting new opportunities.

The Alan Turing Programme pays homage to this profound thinker and King's alumnus.
From supporting our access and outreach programme to providing financial assistance for the Chapel and Choir, see our range of giving opportunities here.  

Members and Friends News


Sermon Before the University delivered by Nicola Reindorp

King's alumna and CEO of Crisis Action, Nicola Reindorp, gave the annual address on 'the importance of doubt'.


Tim Griffin elected to Cambridge City Council

King's Director of Research Tim Griffin has been elected as a Labour Councillor.


PhD student’s ‘biohybrid’ device could restore function in paralysed limbs

Study by Amy Rochford and researchers at the Department of Engineering shows how a new type of neural implant could restore limb function to amputees.

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