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Seriously, now - Happiness

Digital Event Week

Seriously, now - Happiness


Speaker: The Revd Dr Stephen Cherry

Happiness’ To start each day of the Digital Alumni Week our Dean, Stephen Cherry, offers a ten minute ‘thought for the day’.

Stephen was Chaplain of King’s from 1989-1994.  Some alumni  may remember his popular and sometimes controversial Varsity column ‘But, Seriously’ which ran from 92-94.

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Alumni are encouraged to stay involved with the life of the College however they can, and many generously donate their time and expertise.
Stay connected with the College by updating your details and getting in contact with long-lost contemporaries.
We welcome donations of all sizes to important causes such as our access programme, graduate scholarships or our renowned Chapel and Choir.
The College grounds are currently closed to alumni but the Chapel is open to visitors with a timed ticket.