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Alan Turing Lecture - The Entscheidungsproblem, revisited.

Speaker: Professor Byron Cook

Hybrid Event Recorded on 28th April 2023

Abstract: While attempting to prove or disprove Hilbert’s 1928 Entscheidungsproblem (“decision problem”) challenge, Frank Ramsey (Kings) proved Ramsey’s theorem, and Alan Turing (Kings) developed the concept of Turing machines. In 2005, both Ramsey and Turing’s work was combined to do something important that we couldn’t do before: reason symbolically about the relationships between future temporal events in complex computer systems. This work has gone on to produce important practical breakthroughs in a variety of areas (e.g. cloud security, transportation safety, biology, etc). This lecture will tell that story. The story will be (largely) aimed at a general audience.

Speaker: Byron Cook is Professor of Computer Science at University College London (UCL) and VP/Distinguished Scientist at Amazon Web Services. Byron’s interests include computer/network security, program analysis/verification, hardware, operating systems, biological systems, programming languages, theorem proving and logic. Byron is the founder of Amazon’s Automated Reasoning Group (ARG)

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