B. Rupert Brooke Case Study

Here you'll find examples of how you might use archives to approach a research topic, using the papers of Rupert Brooke as an example, with activities and points for discussion throughout. Don't forget to keep the importance of context in mind.

You may find it beneficial to work through sections 1-6 prior to this case study. Otherwise, please remember that there is a Glossary which can be accessed from the menu and includes various terms relating to archives and Cambridge.

You may also find the Biographies useful, as they will tell you about some of the people mentioned in sections 7-10.

Learn more about the administrative history of the papers of Rupert Brooke and what makes them so unique.
A look at Rupert Brooke's relationship with the village of Grantchester, demonstrating how archives can be used for local history research.
Rupert Brooke in uniform, at Blandford, Dorset. 1914. Print by W. Hazel of Bournemouth. Archive Centre, King’s College, Cambridge. RCB/Ph/262
A study of Brooke's thoughts and experiences in relation to war, as well as his death, showing how archives can be used for military history.
A case study looking at how Rupert Brooke has been perceived, demonstrating how archives can be used by biographers.