Taking the International Baccalaureate?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is a two-year course available in almost 150 countries worldwide. King's welcomes applications for all courses that we offer from students studying for the IB.


Entrance Requirements

Our typical IB offer  requires an overall score of at least42 (including the Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay components) and 7, 7, 6 in the relevant Higher Level subjects. In addition to the IB, candidates for Maths will also be required to take STEP papers. 

IB applicants starting the new IB Mathematics syllabus are expected to take IB Higher Level 'Analysis and Approaches' for any course where Mathematics is a requirement.

You will also need to be taking suitable subjects for your chosen course. See the relevant subject page for more information.

The subject choices that you make at school can have a significant impact on the course options available to you at University - find out more.
Students who apply for Mathematics are normally asked to sit STEP Papers.

What Will I Need to Provide?

When you apply, you will need to send a transcript as part of your application if

  • you have not taken six or more GCSEs or IGCSEs in the last three years.

  • you have taken the Middle Years Programme.

The transcript can be submitted electronically via the SAQ form (for students at school in the UK / European Union) or the COPA form (for students at school outside the EU).

Thinking of applying to King's? See here for a breakdown of the process, from submitting your UCAS application to receiving your offer.
Some applicants will need to send us a transcript of their academic qualifications - find out more here.

Student Perspectives

Accounts by former IB students include:

Abdulla is from Bromley and studied History at King's from 2015-18. He did the IB with European History, English and Chemistry at Higher Level.
Nina is Austrian and Nigerian and applied from Vienna, where she took the IB. She studied Geography at King's from 2015-18.
Mie is from Madrid, where she took both the IB and Spanish Titulo de Bachiller. She studied Natural Sciences at King's from 2014-18.
Karolina is from Bubeneč in the Czech Republic and studied Linguistics here at King's from 2015-18.

Further Information

If you're looking at this qualification for the first time, do explore the following links:

We welcome applications from students taking A-levels, whether you are taking them inside or outside of the UK.
The subject choices that you make at school can have a significant impact on the course options available to you at University - find out more.

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