Choral Awards

If you are a good singer and you would like to study at King's you may be eligible for a Choral Award. You do not have to study Music; Choral Scholarships can be combined with any subject taught at King's except Medicine and Architecture.

Of course, your choral duties come in addition to your academic commitments as a student at King's. The College has high academic standards, but we also offer an informal and supportive environment. In balancing their musical and academic activities, singers in both choirs also enjoy an active social life.


Our Choirs

King's College has two choirs, the male voice King's College Choir and the mixed voice King's Voices. We offer Choral Scholarships for the Choir and Choral Exhibitions for King's Voices.

King's College Choir is one of the world's best known ensembles. It comprises six basses, four tenors and four counter-tenors, as well as the choristers (trebles). The Choir sings services regularly in the Chapel as well as giving concerts worldwide, doing radio and TV broadcasts and making CDs.

King's Voices sings Evensong in the Chapel every Wednesday during the University term. There are also concerts, performances at dinners, and an annual tour. As one member comments, 'I would recommend King's Voices to anyone keen to join a high-quality choir with amazing opportunities but without the intense commitment of some other chapel choirs.'

Founded in the 15th century, the Choir of King's College is renowned across the world.
King's Voices is the mixed voice choir at King's, and has a regular programme of rehearsals and performances throughout term-time.

Applying for a Choral Award at King's

All Choral Awards at Cambridge are awarded after candidates have received an academic offer to study at Cambridge. The Cambridge Colleges hold joint choral auditions in March to assess the vocal potential and musicianship of applicants for Choral Awards. There is also an informal choral event in late September (Vocal Assessments), prior to Cambridge application via UCAS. This event allows interested candidates to sing to the Director of Music and to ask about the nature of choral commitments at King's. Overnight accommodation is available for those who need it.

Step 1: Read the Study at King's and Choir sections of our website thoroughly.

  • The Director of Music encourages those considering a choral scholarship at King's to get in touch with him so that he can help answer any questions about choral awards. He offers informal auditions at any time throughout the year.
  • For questions about your academic application, we advise you to get in touch with King's Admissions, who will be happy to help.

Step 2: Apply for a place on the Vocal Assessment Days in September

  • If you would like to apply for a Choral Scholarship to sing in either King's College Choir or King's Voices you are strongly encouraged to attend.

Step 3: Come to the informal Vocal Assessment Days (if relevant)

Step 4: Apply for an academic place at King's

  • Choral candidates follow the normal application procedure - the deadline is in mid-October.

Step 5: Receive an academic decision from King's, usually in mid-January

  • Students who apply to King's but receive an offer from another college through the Winter Pool may be considered for a Choral Award or 'Volunteer' choral position at other colleges.

  • Students who do not receive an academic offer from Cambridge cannot be considered for a Choral Award.

Step 6: Submit Choral Award application

  • After candidates have received offers in January, King's offer holders will be asked to submit their online Choral Award application form by mid-February, and their musical reference shortly thereafter (check the Dates and Deadlines page for this year's timings). Candidates are then invited for auditions, which take place at the Faculty of Music from in mid-late March.

  • Students who are offered a place to study at King's but are not successful in gaining a Choral Award at King's will be able to audition for Choral Awards and Volunteer choral positions at other colleges.

Thinking of applying to King's? See here for a breakdown of the process, from submitting your UCAS application to receiving your offer.

Further Information

As a choral applicant you have three main points of contact with King's:

1. The Admissions Office (01223 331255;
You should contact the Admissions Office with any questions about your academic application. Do also ensure that you read the 'Study at King's' section carefully.

2. The Director of Music / The Choir Office (01223 331 224;
If your question relates to the September Vocal Assessment Days, the auditions, or life and work as a choral scholar in the male voice choir at King's, then please contact The Director of Music, Daniel Hyde, via the Choir Office. Daniel is happy to hear you sing before you audition (this can be arranged to coincide with King's Open Days or any time you visit Cambridge).

3. Ralph Woodward (
If your question principally relates to Choral Exhibitions and singing in King's Voices, please contact Ralph Woodward.

Meet some of our Choral Scholars and find out what made them choose King's, and how they've found their time here so far.
What can you expect from your time as a Choral Scholar at King's? Find out more about some of things you'll be involved with.
King's Voices is the mixed voice choir at King's, and has a regular programme of rehearsals and performances throughout term-time.
From the Director of Music to the vocal coaches, there is ample support available to help our Choirs improve their craft.

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