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The Rowe Music Library was acquired by King's in 1928. In addition to a lending library of scores, sets of parts and books about music, it also includes a collection of antiquarian music manuscripts and printed music dating from the sixteenth century to the present day.

Rowe MS 1 (The Lant Roll) 1

The Lant Roll comprises 57 rounds and catches written on 13 glued membranes of parchment which together are sixteen feet long and 3.75 inches wide. They were collected by Thomas Lant, and the roll bears the date 1580. See Jill Vlasto, 'An Elizabethan Anthology of Rounds', The Musical Quarterly 40/2 (Apr 1954), pp. 222-234.

Rowe MS 1 (The Lant Roll) 2

Rowe MS 1 (The Lant Roll) 3

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