'What is Belarus?'

20 Feb 2011 - 2:15 pm to 26 Feb 2011 - 12:00 pm

Paintings by Helena-Alexandra Reut

Artist's statement

This is a conversation which is heard often by people from Belarus, the country where I was born. These questions led me to think - "but seriously, what is Belarus?""Where are you from?"
"From Belarus"
"Where's that? What's that? How do you spell it?"

It's a country of indescribable beauty. Not a radiant beauty, it doesn't blind you - it's a weightless beauty, like a wisp of smoke, light as a cloud, transparent and spectre-like. Our fairytales and legends embody this beauty. Belarus is called the blue-eyed country, because there are so many lakes, from the great lakes you can see from outer space to the tiny lakes hidden in the forest, so deep that people call them bottomless, full of life and mystery. The forests are still inhabited by strange and magical creatures. The entire atmosphere engulfs and captivates. There is not a living soul who could forget or remain indifferent to this country if they went there.

This exhibition presents a series of paintings where I try to convey the atmosphere of this country: this feeling of attraction enveloped in a cloud of mist.

A larger selection of my work is available on my website: www.reut-studio.eu

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