Phantom City

15 May 2011 - 1:00 pm to 28 May 2011 - 11:00 am

An exhibition by Edita Gazibara 

I was born in Sarajevo in 1984, in the year when my hometown was the host to thousands of people from all over the world which participated in the Olympic games. Sadly, the spirit of unity and happiness was replaced by the most brutal destroying of human dignity in the years that followed. As a child, I witnessed the longest siege in modern history. This was the time when I started to reshape my world.

I studied Graphic design, and at the moment I'm a postgraduate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo.

While reading the Lotus Sutra, I came across many beautiful stories which have been a great inspiration when making a certain illustration. These stories are abundant in metaphors which may be understood in lots of different ways. And with each new reading I perceive a new association. I start to play with shapes. And I illustrate what I feel. I have made ten illustrations which represent ten worlds from Buddhist philosophy.

The idea was to express the personal attitude and feeling through the ten worlds of Buddhism. These ten worlds are closely linked, inseparable from our daily lives. They represent what we feel and what we go through on a daily basis. In creating this work, I did not want to imitate Eastern atmosphere nor the content of ‘ukiyo-e’ (pictures of the floating world) and their topics, though they are present in this work and they guided it to a certain extent. Inspired by ‘ukiyo-e’, I created these works while placing them in the realm of my own life.

My work is presented in three layers: abstract aesthetic forms, semantic drawing and text. Such exhibition is used as a metaphor of the world we live in, where everything can be found in layers: our body, the planet Earth, as well as this world.

The entire process of making this work was very inspiring for me. I think I have reached another level of understanding the philosophy of Buddhism. I have come to know many beautiful and ugly sides of my environment. I have sharpened my perception.

It has meant a lot to me that so many people were involved in this very process related to this work. All the final results have been a direct development of the relationships with people around me.

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