Adrian Novac and Harry Owens

Adrian and Harry 4
2 Nov 2019 - 10:00 am to 20 Nov 2019 - 5:00 pm
King's Art Rooms


Adrian Novac writes:

"Elements and influences form a wide range of media such as film, magazines and personal archives are brought together in an attempt to reshape and reimagine 'what is' into what could be. 

I couldn't say it any other way, so I paint it. There is no clear direction or idea that guides me in my work; reasons for making a painting range from having a cathartic effect towards past experiences and relationships, to being of purely aesthetic reasons. For the past year I have explored the possibilities offered by painting from negatives or heavily edited pictures; what becomes clear very fast is that with the reversal of colours there is a total shift in meaning."

Harry Owens writes:

My paintings always start with an idea. This could relate to an experience I have had, something that has affected me in the news or a literary source or even a particular painterly effect concerning the material properties of paint. This is then brought to fruition with the right source material, often a found photograph or one I have taken of friends. I much prefer this to working from life as I can piece together references from different images and depart from what I see in front of me more readily. I find the results are more personal this way.

Adrian and Harry are young artists working in Cambridge. If you are not a Member of the University you will need an invitation to view the exhibition. Write to Adrian or Harry: or


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