King's Voices Quotes and Comments

On this page, a number of members of King's Voices comment on their experiences of singing in the College's mixed choir:

Tara (2nd year Music)

I applied for a Choral Award, and had an audition in February (before starting at Cambridge). I was not expecting anything to come of it really – I mean, yes, I’d done Grade 8 Singing, but only very recently, and I was more of an instrumentalist.

The audition process was a little scary, but when I found out that I’d got in, I felt the pressure was on! However, the moment I started King’s Voices, I realised what a good decision it was to have applied. It is safe to say that Ben Parry is a fantastic director, who manages to really bring out the best in our choir in a really positive way. Singing evensong in the Chapel on Mondays is easily the highlight of my week, and I’m not saying that for website purposes! We sing some fabulous repertoire, and every week we grow stronger as a choir.


Singing with King's Voices has been one of the highlights of my Cambridge experience. Apart from the obvious appeal of singing in the College's magnificent chapel, it's a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow as a singer, and to be a part of a friendly community of fellow music enthusiasts. That sense of community is fostered by our director, Ben Parry, an extraordinary musician with an unusual knack for making every individual in the choir feel like an important member of the team.

Carrie (3rd year Classics, Trinity College)

My time in King's Voices has undoubtedly been one of the highlights of my time at Cambridge. The opportunity to sing in King's College Chapel is an enormous privilege, and each week we sing a wonderful selection of repertoire, my personal favourites being works by Howells.

The choir group is enormous fun, and as someone who is not actually at King's College, it has been very easy to make close friends among the choir. I would recommend King's Voices to anyone who is keen to join a high-quality choir with amazing opportunities but without the intense commitment of some other chapel choirs.

Simon (4th year Biochemistry)

When I applied to Cambridge, I nearly auditioned for the King’s Chapel Choir, but instead decided to join the slightly more relaxed King’s Voices choir – and it was absolutely the best thing for me! Despite the low time commitment (which is great for me as a Natural Sciences student), it is an exceptionally good choir, and the opportunity to sing in the beautiful, world-famous building of King’s College Chapel cannot be missed.

I was reminded recently by a friend subbing in for a service how lucky we are – they were so excited to sing once in the chapel, and we are able to do so every week. I’m now in the fourth year of my degree and singing for King’s Voices, and since the first week I have never looked back.


Singers have opportunity to perform pieces of music, such as Herbert Howells’ spine-tingling setting of the Evensong Canticles (Coll. Reg.). These are works that were specifically composed with the acoustics and unique environment of King's Chapel in mind.

King's Voices is the mixed voice choir at King's, and has a regular programme of rehearsals and performances throughout term-time.
If you are a good singer and you would like to study at King's you may be eligible for a Choral Award with the Choir or King's Voices.