Estates Records: Devon

Alphington, Crealy Barton, Highampton, Honeychurch, Ipplepen, Sampford Courtenay, St James Priory in Exeter, Tiverton and Walkhampton

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Estate Administration

When the College received its endowment grant of manors and estates, the historic records came with the properties. Some records, such as the sluice-building agreement shown below, pre-date the foundation of King's College.

Administration of the College's estates was divided between three Bursars, elected annually. The Bursars are responsible for many of the estates records.

The Queen, King's, and Sampford Courtenay

Queen Elizabeth I's Principal Secretary Francis Walsingham worked hand in hand with her Lord Treasurer William Cecil, first Baron Burghley. In 1586 they each wrote to Provost Goad, bringing the College to heel over its refusal to demise Sampford Courtenay manor to the Queen. The College later relented in 1591, although the manor was returned to the College by the Queen in 1601. As well as being the Queen's spymaster, Walsingham had been a Pensioner (student who paid his own way) of the College.

The dragon, fleur de lys, lion, rose and crown symbols on the royal charter shown below assert Elizabeth’s claim as ruler over England, Wales, France and Ireland. They reinforce the words which begin the charter, standard text for royal charters, which reads: Elizabeth dei gracia Anglie Francie et Hibernie Regina fidei defensor etc, OMNIBUS ad quos presentes littere peruenerint Salutem. In English: Elizabeth, by the grace of God Queen of England, France and Ireland, and defender of the realm, TO ALL to who see this, Greetings.

The Queen’s Great Seal was larger than any previous King or Queen of England, loudly declaring her military and political might through the images traditional for royal seals: on horseback on one side and enthroned on the other.

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