Year 6 boys celebrate becoming full Choristers after two years as probationers

At a glance:

  1. We're looking for boys in Years 2, 3 and 4 who love singing and are enthusiastic about music.
  2. Contact Katie Randle who can answer any questions you may have. Alternatively you can ring the Choir Office at King's on 01223 331224.
  3. Consider coming to meet informally with Daniel Hyde, the Director of Music.
  4. Attend one of the audition days held a couple of times a year. The date of the next audition day will be announced soon.

If you're considering a choristership at King's for your son, you'll probably have lots of questions. For this reason we have always found that the best place to start is for you to contact us to arrange an informal visit. This will give you a useful opportunity to ask questions about the life of a Chorister, to meet with people here, and to look around King's College School.

An informal visit can also be a relaxed opportunity for your son to sing to Daniel Hyde, the Director of Music. If then you still wish to put your son forward, he can attend one of the audition days held a couple of times a year.


Preparing for an Audition

It's important to remember that we're not looking for a fully-trained chorister at the auditions! Instead, we look for an enthusiasm for music (and, in particular, singing), reasonable concentration, and supportive family.

As part of the audition day, your son will be asked to sing something that he's prepared. This can be a simple song, even a hymn – just something he enjoys singing. All we ask is that you bring two copies of the music so that he can be accompanied on the piano.

If you contact us to sign up for an audition day, you'll also get all the information you need from us.


The Audition Day

The morning begins with an informal gathering of all the parents and boys who are taking part in the auditions. There are plenty of people who you can talk to over coffee, including some current Chorister parents, so that you can learn more about the life of a Chorister. The Director of Music, Mr Daniel Hyde, usually gives a short talk before the auditions start, and then your son will leave with a member of the Boarding House Staff to begin the more formal part of the day. Meanwhile, the Boarding Housemaster, Mr Ed Sykes, and Senior Matron will take you on a tour of the Boarding House, enabling you to ask any questions about the boarding side of being a Chorister.

During your son's audition, which lasts approximately 8 – 10 minutes, he will first be asked to sing a short and simple prepared song to a small group of people, usually including Ms Lyn Alcantara (the Choristers' Singing Coach), Mrs Yvette Day (the Head), the organ scholars and Mr Daniel Hyde. It's ideal if you can provide two copies of the music. Mr Hyde will also ask him to do some aural tests, such as clapping back a rhythm, picking notes out of a simple chord and singing back a melody played on the piano. If your son plays a musical instrument (by no means a necessity), he will be asked to play a short piece to the School's Director of Music, Mr James Randle. He will also meet Mr Colin Dely (the School's Head of the Junior School) to do the academic tests. In between times, he will be able to play games with the other boys taking part, overseen by one of the Boarding House staff. The morning is busy, but the boys auditioning come away feeling very positive about their experience.

The auditions are usually finished by lunchtime, and the Head will be in touch with you within a week.

The Choristers are all educated at King’s College School, a leading co-educational prep school with 400 boys and girls aged 4–13.
Performing at the Royal Albert Hall
Outside of school hours the Choristers rehearse and perform with the internationally renowned Choir of King’s College Cambridge.
What are you looking for in a chorister? What does the training entail? Read a selection of our frequently-asked questions.
From the Director of Music to the vocal coaches, there is ample support available to help our Choirs improve their craft.

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