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Deferred entry offer holders

If you are holding a deferred offer, there will be a year and eight months between receiving your offer in January and starting at King's. The offer-holders' section is your main source of information.

Financial information

With your offer letter, you will receive the same detailed financial information that we send to all new offer holders for your information (this is a document entitled Financial Information for Prospective Undergraduates). A year later, the following January, we will send you the updated version for your entry year. Please get in touch if you have not received it by the end of January in the year you are due to start at King's.


When you look at the offer-holders' checklist, note that you must meet the deadlines listed under the following headings (where relevant) in the academic year you get your offer:

You must then meet the deadlines under the following headings in the January to August before you are due to start at King's:

Conditional offers

Shortly after A level results are published in the UK (Thursday 14 August in 2014) all successful conditional offer-holders receive a formal letter confirming their place at King's.

A level candidates: If you have just recieved A level results, please could you send us your UMS grades by post. You can download and send this now (word format; rich text format). Note that we need the information on this form - please do not just send in copies of your results statement.

Other information

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Do bear in mind that information in the offer holders' section may be updated during the year.

We advise you to continue to develop your interests during your year out. See in particular:

It is essential to keep us informed of any changes to your contact details (and change them on UCAS Track too). Please also remember to continue with writing your name, subject and UCAS number at the beginning of all correspondence with King's. It would be useful if you could also include your entry year with this information.

Practical details for joining the College

For all practical details for when you start at King's, please see the freshers' page. The King's handbook linked there is particularly useful.

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