For offer holders

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We are delighted to have been able to make you an offer to study your chosen subject at King's. Please read all of the information on this page and in the links very carefully and check them regularly for updates. The offer holders' checklist is especially important.

Current notes for offer holders

  • Address: Please could you ensure that the address showing in UCAS Track is correct. We do not want to send freshers' information for you to the wrong address at the end of August! Once you have met all of the conditions of your offer, information about when things will happen is on the freshers page.
  • Exam results: When you receive your exam results, please see the section below about what to do when you receive your exam results. NB. International students and International Baccalaureate students receive results much earlier than A level students.
  • Offer holders from the European Union - following the recent UK referendum, please read:
  • Contacting King's: If you have any concerns at this stage, do remember that you can always send us an email. Please continue to start  your emails with name, subject, and UCAS number. The Admissions Office remains your main point of contact until September. Many thanks! Further detail about contacting King's.

Offer holders' checklist

The Offer holders' checklist page contains important information about what documents offer-holders need to send and the deadlines. Please ensure that you read it thoroughly.

I've received my exam results. What happens next?

International students

If your examinations are not in the list of results UCAS receives (and passes on to us), please scan and email a document showing your official results when you receive it (or post a photocopy if you can't do that). The document you send must be a clear copy and must specifically state any subjects and grades we have asked for in your academic offer. If we have asked you for something not directly stated on the document you receive, please ask a teacher at your school to send us specific confirmation on school letter-headed paper that you have achieved the relevant grades or scores. If your results document is not in English, please also provide a translation (a translation by you is fine). If your exams are listed in the UCAS list, you do not need to do anything. Many thanks!

If you have met your academic offer conditions

Congratulations! Nothing will happen now until we have all exam results after A level results are published (18 August). We will write to all conditional offer holders at the same time to confirm places. Please ensure that you re-read your offer letter and the offer-holders' checklist and ensure that you have met any non-academic conditions as well. Please do not worry about UCAS Track (which will not update for some time) - what matters is that you have met all the conditions set out in your offer letter. If you will need a visa, see the visa section on the checklist.

If you have not met your academic offer conditions

Please stay calm. We will write as soon as possible after receiving the results for all our offer holders in mid-August. As you know, we base all decisions on our judgement of the academic promise of a candidate, and on the application as a whole. We may be able to admit some candidates who have missed their offers very narrowly. There is no need for you to act before we contact you. We are happy to receive a letter of support from your school at the normal address if they have anything to add to the original UCAS reference they wrote for you.

A level candidates (and all other candidates receiving results on 18 August)

Information will be put in this section for you a few days before the A level results are published (and see the checklist).

Reading lists and preparation


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See the Reading lists page, where you will find reading and preparation information for each course.

It is important to try and do as much of the recommended reading as possible before you arrive in Cambridge.

Information for freshers - accommodation, arriving etc.

See the Freshers' page for students who have met all their offer conditions.

Students with practical questions about living and studying at King's are advised to consult the current King's undergraduate information booklet and the University handbook in particular.

Undergraduate Admissions Office contact details

Please continue to write your name, subject (including 'Biological' or 'Physical' for Natural Sciences) and UCAS number on all correspondence with us.

For queries we prefer to be contacted by email in all cases:

Kristy and Heather also visit schools and are frequently away working with school groups from January to July. They can normally answer your emails wherever they are so it is definitely best to email rather than phone.

All documents in the offer holders' checklist should be sent to:

Undergraduate Admissions Office
King's College

Please remember to enclose a stamped, addressed postcard if you need confirmation of receipt.

It is essential that you let us know immediately if your mailing address, phone number or email address change. Please also update the information on UCAS Track.

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