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Rupert Brooke's signature


When answering these questions, consider what additional sources you would use to explore the subject more thoroughly, and where you might find them.

  • How did Rupert Brooke feel about Grantchester?
  • Is Orwell’s criticism of Rupert Brooke’s poem ‘The Old Vicarage, Grantchester’ fair? Does the poem provide a vivid description of Cambridgeshire or is it the result of homesickness and sentimentality?
  • Can a poem be a historically ‘valuable document’? If so, does it need to be read in context?
  • Where do you think Rupert Brooke would have wanted his memorial?

The following question will require you to use additional sources, either online or in a library.

  • Reflect on poets and their sense of place, drawing comparisons with other poets if possible. Do poets describe places in relation to their own experiences?

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