Language combinations for Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Asian pathway

Chinese Studies

This four-year course includes a Year Abroad in the third year. Chinese cannot be combined with Japanese or another language.

Japanese Studies

This four-year course includes a Year Abroad in the third year. Japanese cannot be combined with Chinese or another language, however students who study Japanese can take Korean as an option in fourth year.

Middle Eastern Studies pathway

You can study a Middle Eastern language on it's own, or combined with another. Or you could combine a Middle Eastern Language with a Eurpoean Language that you have already studied up to A level or equivelent.

All of the following four-year options would normally include a Year Abroad in the third year.

It is not possible to study more than two languages at a time.


You can study:

  • Arabic only
  • Arabic and Persian
  • Arabic and Hebrew
  • Arabic and French
  • Arabic and German
  • Arabic and Italian
  • Arabic and Spanish
  • Arabic and Portuguese
  • Arabic and Russian
  • Arabic and Hindi (from second year)
  • Arabic and Sanscrit (from second year)


You can study:

  • Persian only (Farsi)
  • Persian and Arabic
  • Persian and Hebrew
  • Persian and French
  • Persian and German
  • Persian and Italian
  • Persian and Spanish
  • Persian and Portuguese
  • Persian and Russian
  • Persian and Hindi (from second year)
  • Persian and Sanscrit (from second year)


You can study:

  • Hebrew only
  • Hebrew and Arabic
  • Hebrew and Persian
  • Hebrew and French
  • Hebrew and German
  • Hebrew and Italian
  • Hebrew and Spanish
  • Hebrew and Portuguese
  • Hebrew and Russian
  • Hebrew and Hindi (from second year)
  • Hebrew and Sanscrit (from second year)

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