Engineering reading list

For applicants

We advise you to read the Engineering page thoroughly. For reading and preparation advice, you will find the following sections particularly useful:

For offer holders

Before you arrive at King's you will need to:

  • Read the Advice for Freshers
  • Prepare the Week 1 Lego Mindstorms Activity
  • Work on the Faculty preparatory problems website (log-in required)
  • Work on the Faculty programming preparation

The information above (including your log-in details for the preparatory problems website) is normally sent by email in the April before you start your course. Links are also available in the Information for Engineering Freshers provided by the Faculty, but this is not normally updated until March or April each year.

Please email King's Admissions Office if you do not have your information and log-in details by 1 May in the year before you start your course.

It will help when you start the course if:

Further information

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