Engineering reading list

For applicants

Forth Bridge, Edinburgh

Forth Bridge, Edinburgh. Credit: Ghost of Kuji (cropped)

We advise you to read the Engineering page thoroughly. For reading and preparation advice, you will find the following sections particularly useful:

Cambridge Open Day

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Do also keep an eye on the subject resources, which provide more general guidance and examples for developing your academic interests.

See in particular the Cambridge University Engineering resource website:

For offer holders


Wirebonding. Credit: Andreja Erbes

Once you have received an offer from King's, we advise those of you who are still at school to focus on your school syllabus for the rest of the academic year in preparation for your exams.

Over the summer before you arrive at King's, you will need to:

  • Read the Advice for Freshers
  • Prepare the Week 1 Lego Mindstorms Activity
  • Work on the Faculty preparatory problems website (log-in required)
  • Work on the Faculty programming preparation
Students using computers

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The information above (including your log-in details for the preparatory problems website) is normally sent by email in the May before you start your course.

Links are also available in the Information for Engineering Freshers provided by the Faculty, but this is not normally updated until May each year.

Steel fixing

Credit: Talia da Silva

Please email King's Admissions Office if you do not have your information and log-in details by 1 June in the year before you start your course.

If you would like to explore the areas of Engineering you can study in the course, please see the course structure and Engineering areas.

Other preparation

It will help when you start the course if you are familiar with appropriate maths topics. If you studied in a different qualification system and wish to consult an A level textbook in the summer before you start the Cambridge Engineering course, we suggest L. Bostock and S. Chandler. 2013. Core Maths for Advanced Level. 3rd edition. Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes.

Further information

Construction module

Construction Module. Credit: Talia da Silva

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