Applicants from the European Union

The University has published this statement about the UK voting to leave the European Union.


Students at the front of the College

For UK and EU students

For UK/EU students starting their first undergraduate degree, it is inteded that the 2017-18 tuition fee will be £9,250 for all courses. Cambridge University currently charges UK and EU students £9,000 a year in tuition fees for all courses.

It is important that you understand that UK and EU tuition fees will not need to be paid up front. Students will be able to pay their fees through government loans that are repaid after graduation, and only once a graduate earns more than £21,000 per year. For details of these loans and the further financial support available please see our financial support page.

UK and EU students do not have to pay additional College fees. Their main expenditure during their time at Cambridge will be living costs (for details see below). 

For Overseas Students

If your fee status is "overseas", you will be liable to pay tuition fees to both the University and the College. The University fee depends on your chosen course. Please check the relevant University webpage, which sets out the current University fees for overseas students starting in October 2017. The College fee at King's for overseas students starting their course in 2017 is £7,997. In addition to these fees, you will need to pay living costs (for details see below).

For UK/EU Affiliated Students

Affiliated students (those applying for a second undergraduate degree) from the UK/EU will pay £9,771 in 2017/18. Details are available on the affiliated students page.

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Living Costs

As a student in Cambridge your living costs are comparable with other universities in the UK, and often can be less. A reasonable estimate for total living costs currently is £8,500 for UK students for the three terms of the normal academic year. Overseas students should increase this figure for extra travel or accommodation costs according to their circumstances (we recommend that overseas students currently allow £9,570 per year). The living costs are made up of the following things:


Unlike most UK universities, Cambridge guarantees accommodation to all undergraduate students throughout their courses. At King's, we have two types of room rental arrangement, a 29-week and a 35-week agreement (this last allows you to stay in your room over the Christmas and Easter vacations). Otherwise, special permission is required to remain in College rooms during the vacations. Currently, the cheapest rent is £949.94 per term (for the least expensive rent band on a 29-week lease). The most expensive is £1,720.13 per term (for the most expensive rent band on a 35-week lease). The prices include heating and electricity. See the Accommodation page.


All students have access to College dining facilities, where you can buy cafeteria-style meals three times a day. There is a termly catering charge, currently £127.65, which contributes to the fixed costs of the kitchens and allows students to be charged at a lower rate. A typical one-course meal is in the range £3 - 4.  Students don't have to eat in the cafeteria, and food heating facilities are available near their rooms. See the food page.


Transport costs in Cambridge are minimal, as the city is small enough to walk or cycle.


There are a total of 149 libraries across the university, and a very well-stocked library in King's. Specialist study needs are catered for in departmental libraries and in the main University Library. With so many libraries available you shouldn’t have to buy many books for your course.


Excellent computer facilities are available in King’s, with free internet access and a termly printing allowance. Most of the current students choose to have their own computers, with high-speed internet access available in student rooms and wifi in the bar and coffee shop.


How much you spend on socialising is your choice, but it is worth noting that, as many social events are College-based and student-run, they do not cost very much. You'll also find discounted prices at the King's bar and coffee shop.

Clubs and Societies

King's has a range of facilities to support all sorts of activities, from art, music and photography to a wide variety of sports. These activities are all available free or at a very reduced rate to current students. See the societies, sports and music pages.

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